Sick of fighting for sun bathing space on crowded

first_imgSick of fighting for sun bathing space on crowded Spanish beaches? Forget the French Riviera and swap Sharm el Sheikh for another exotic far-flung holiday hotspot.Here are seven ‘secret’ countries for you to escape to, but get there soon before the word gets out!1. ComorosThis sovereign state, officially known as the Union of the Comoros, is a small island paradise off the coast of east Africa. For such a small country (719 sq. miles) you might be surprised by the cultural diversity here; turn a corner and you might bump in to someone speaking Arabic, French or Comorian. Watch dolohins swimming just off the coast at Hahaya, or you might be lucky enough to spot giant sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches in Moheli.Find flights 5. TajikistanRock climbers and snow boarding enthusiasts may have heard of or even visited Tajikistan before, but very few Brits make it over to Central Asia’s smallest nation. You may not find the opulence of Aspen and you’ll need to go well off-piste to find the best slopes here, but it’s a stunning ski spot worth exploring. Make a pit stop in capital Dushanbe for some traditional ‘choy’ tea before a right regal evening at the Ayni Opera & Ballet Theatre.Find flights 7. Tristan da CunhaThe world’s most remote inhabited island is possibly the world’s most secret country. This British territory in the South Atlantic Ocean is more than 2,400km from it’s nearest neighbour, St. Helena. Visit the capital, more of a hamlet than a city, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas on the main island and take day trips out to other parts of the archipelago, like the imaginatively named Inaccessible Island and Gough Island.Find flightsRead more on the world’s most secret destinations:11 incredible secret European islands7 secret cities in Europe7 (more) secret cities in Europe10 best beautiful secret beaches in Europe5 secret US states7 secret seasSkyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 4. North KoreaFor a real showstopper, head to Pynongyang in North Korea, where they celebrate national holidays with an impressive display of awe-inspiring acrobatics from over 100,000 gymnasts, known as the Mass Games, at the May Day Stadium. North Korea’s second largest city, Hamhung only opened to tourists in 2010. Independent travel is prohibitted, and the most relaxing way to see North Korea is by bicycle. Koryo Tours runs week-long cycling holidays that take you all the way from Pynongyang to Mount Paekdu.Read more: Travel and life in North Korea – 9 secrets of the Hermit KingdomFind flights Related20 of the best beaches in Europe that the locals don’t want you to know aboutPlanning a beach holiday and looking for a quiet spot where you won’t have to battle for an umbrella? Beat the miserable British summer by planning your escape to one of these secret beaches across Europe that you’ve probably never heard of…11 secret TUI destinations for your next adventureCheck out this pocket-sized surf town in Morocco, the best places to holiday in Portugal and the new Vietnam hangout you need to see before your friends do.Seven Secret Budget Beaches: sun, sea, sand and savingsGet your sun, sea and sand fix for less this summer.center_img 2. GuyanaFancy yourself the next David Attenborough? Venture across the border from Brazil to explore Guyana’s rainforest trail. Very few people hike in to the heart of the rainforest, but if you do you might be rewarded by discovering a completely new plant species, or get a rare glimpse of a jaguar. The locals can be just as wild! Spend an afternoon hanging out in a bar or over food, an activity known as ‘liming’ and make sure you accept the inevitable offer of a plate of ‘cook-up rice’, Guyana’s national dish, a variation on Caribbean rice and peas. Find flights 3. BhutanEarn your explorer badge with a visit to Bhutan, sandwiched between Tibet and China and open to tourists since 1974. Make sure you pack a sturdy pair of walking boots. Most of the country is only accessible by foot, although going it solo is strictly forbidden; you must organise travel to ‘the land of the thunder dragon’ through a tour company. But don’t expect your typical all-inclusive package deal, as this is a country largely untouched by modern life, having only had TV signal for the past 16 years! But the last thing you’ll want to do is sit in front of the box. Instead head to the Namkhe Nyingpo Goemba monastery to watch 300 monks debate theology in the courtyard every afternoon.Find flights 6. Ras Al KhaimahYou’ll find this enchanting Arab Emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, in between the Arabian Gulf and the Hajar Mountains. With 43km of golden Gulf-side sands, park your beach towel wherever you like, or treat yourself to a spa day and a traditional precious stone treatment at Khatt Hot Springs. For thrills, catch the camel racing at the Manar shopping mall (yes, it’s a thing) between September and April every year.Find flightslast_img

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