Throwback When Prince Harry was pictured bareskinned partying in Las Vegas

first_imgPrince HarryGetty imagesRemember the time when Prince Harry was just a military officer who was having the time of his life, every now and then going to parties and missions. Since he was from the royal family, he had all the money in the world which helped him travel all over the world and have all the fun. Sometimes his fun saw no bounds and one such case happened during his visit to Las Vegas, when the tabloid paper, TMZ got hold of pictures of him butt-naked with another woman.The deeply embarrassing photos were not grabbed by a long-lens snapper. Prince Harry and his mates simply went down to the casino at the Wynn resort, picked up a bunch of random girls, invited them up to his palatial suite, complete with pool table, and embarked on the game, which soon resulted in Harry and at least one other girl – the one he is pictured bear-hugging in one of the photos – stripping totally naked.Though it can be assumed that keeping phones outside the room was a rule but any cunning would have found a way cash in on the biggest payday of her life, and one clearly did, snapping photos of the crown jewels on her phone and passing them on to TMZ. In another photo published, Harry stands full frontal, cupping his genitals and appeared glancing at the massive TV in the corner of the room.Ever since those photo’s got published, royal officials were in a state of constant struggle to make sure that the photos don’t reach British Tabloid newspapers. As a source at St Jame’s Palace says, “Whatever went on, we are reminding members of media of Prince Harry’s expectation of level privacy when photos are taken in this manner, in a private hotel room. Obviously, there is not much we can do about foreign websites.”Though, the photos and the video of them together taking a bath have been a point of contention in the past, the royal family has come a long way from making sure that Prince Harry’s public image is not spoilt.Harry will be expecting his first child by the end of April. He has also moved out of Kensington Palace and will be staying with his family in Frogmore cottage.last_img

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