What is the location of the dessert store

is a delicious dessert we a lot of people can not refuse the temptation, not only children, adults also love the taste of the dessert, open the dessert shop a lot, want to make our shop better, more consumers, so shop location will be better able to put on the agenda, to join us in operation dessert shop, shop location is a key problem very well, because we are in the shop when you want to choose more shops of their own to do a proper address is really key. So when we open dessert chain stores, how to better shop location?. read more

What do you do in 2016

New Year Spring Festival just yet, now is the time for each unit year-end summary and new year planning. Those who are willing to start thinking about the future. So what do you do in 2016?

2016 venture to do what good? Selling time (running company)

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What are the pricing strategies

now open shop, has become the common choice of countless people, walked on the road more and more people, but in the product pricing problem, but not a good way, do not know how to, not only to attract customers, and to maximize the profit, in this small series to introduce you online pricing strategy!

1, fast skimming strategy: that is, relative to the cost, to determine a higher price, and then to a higher promotional investment to get a higher rate of attention, in order to quickly obtain higher sales profit. General C2C platform promotion methods are: Subscription window display, a variety of recommendation, participate in the classification activities; "yiyuanqipai no reserve" can also be regarded as a method of promotion; and put a small ad posted in the forum, posting to the old customers, mail and so on, is the individual’s energy input. read more

Looking for a project to earn a start in the rural areas

many friends are optimistic about the rural market, indeed, there are many business opportunities in rural areas, rural entrepreneurship is also very money. If you intend to start a business in the countryside, you must find the right project. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few good projects.

has just appeared on the market of newspaper news and personality wedding wedding wedding magazine. To get married "as an example, this is a copy of their wedding by the editor of DIY newspaper: double-sided coated paper printing news headline is the news of their marriage, not only have the wedding, declaration of love, love story, there are parents, relatives and friends entrusted with blessing, wedding, life, really the bride or friends surprise. read more

What attract customers during the opening of the dumpling shop

New Year approaching, I believe that many families will be busy making dumplings during the Spring Festival, in fact people for liking dumplings general stores to open a dumpling business is actually very simple, the market profit space is also great, this is a good business projects. So how do you join your customers in the opening of the dumpling store?

. The attractive features of food

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How to determine whether entrepreneurial projects in the early stages of entrepreneurship

now more and more entrepreneurial team, many people have chosen to be their own boss. In the early days, there is a very important issue, must not be ignored, that is whether the entrepreneurial project to make money. Money is the result of the majority of entrepreneurs want to get the results, otherwise the venture will lose its meaning, then you have not thought about how to determine whether the entrepreneurial project to make money in the early stages of entrepreneurship


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Focus on pre opening shop

a lot of entrepreneurs in the business plan is ambitious, but it is easy to cause a blindness, this time should calm down to analyze some of the advantages and disadvantages. Only in this way can we guarantee the stability of the road.

to join the venture, the investigation is very important. Prior to joining must be sufficient to conduct a preliminary investigation, the credibility of the business, product sources, market development potential, such as to have a full understanding, otherwise, will suffer a blow. read more

Open children’s toy stores to avoid these errors

many people want to open children’s toy stores, due to their own conditions, the shop is not easy. How to successfully operate children’s toy store? Children’s toy stores have many errors, only to avoid these errors, in order to operate more effectively. Children’s toy stores to avoid what errors? Let’s take a look.

A common problem:

Common problems of read more

How to invest more in the development of leisure snacks

need to consider the full investment leisure snacks, need to correctly understand the situation, now the market prospects for the development of leisure snacks is very bright in the business, operating a casual snack shop is a lot of entrepreneurs choose. In the increasingly competitive environment of the industry competition, open snack snack shop, how to win more space for development?

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Hunan bridge is now floating dead many people come to the onlookers fishing

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

Moss business easy to make money

although many people have realized that moss business is very hot, it is worth us to invest in choice. However, many investors are still hesitant to think at the same time, it has been formally entered into the industry, and has made a huge profit return. In short, now do moss business, is really easy to make money.

network shop

boss monthly income of 10000 yuan

in the shop, carefully modified micro landscape in the moss, grass, and other fleshy textured collocation plants, bonsai soil after Huang Yusha’s sudden rise to eighty or ninety yuan, if the store again Hualong fine collocation with miniature dolls, wooden and other accessories, the price is almost equal to 200 yuan. read more

Women’s attention to the decoration of the store

people used to look at the product only in the past, and now consumers in shopping, the environment, the brand are very particular about. So the women’s shop owner will do everything possible to do a good job in store design. Now the women’s market, as more and more women are very picky about their dress, which promote the development of women’s market, some entrepreneurs choose to open shop, although the market prospects, but the women’s clothing store decoration is very important, if the decoration is not good, the business will be affected. read more

The 12 law allows startups to live

entrepreneurship is a process of continuous struggle, constantly running, constantly insist on, I believe that many entrepreneurs will be "difficult" this sentence deep S. how to make startups good to survive certain skills.

finished failures so many start-ups, it’s time for us to summarize, summed up the following 12 laws. Hope that every entrepreneur can bear in mind.

1. two venture partners is the best combination of

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With the strong neighbor although there is competition but also beneficial to the development of sho

if your neighbor is the industry’s strong, you open a similar shop in the next, do you think your shop will have a business? No doubt, with such a strong neighbor, the competition is fierce, but really do not help the development of the store? I do not think so, because such shops can often bring a lot of traffic, which will undoubtedly be of great help to the development of the store.

recently, with an old friend. When he chatted with his retail business, he told me: "I’m not going to do it.". read more