Yanqing view chicken to join the headquarters of the advantages of multi brand good

421 century is an era of rapid development of the market, the pace of development of the market faster and faster, the market trend is also getting better and better. To say what the industry is the most promising, according to the analysis of the catering industry mentor, is undoubtedly the catering industry, so the best choice is now catering investment is also a large number of investors to create wealth. Today Xiaobian to give you recommend this view of Yanqing fried chicken brand in the market has a high consumer sentiment, excellent market development space. read more

Why not speed up the embrace of mobile nternet webmasters do not come out to sell on the old

will be the scene in the recently held China Internet webmaster, DCCI founder Hu Yanping dished out to the audience of thousands of webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs have a problem: "until now, neither Baidu, Ali, Tencent, just do it yourself, do not need investment financing, do not need to show their application others in the open platform, the ideas and practices of friends give a hand?"

the audience almost no response, only a handful of people raised their hands. Hu Yanping smiled and said, the girls can be spotted, these are potential shares…… read more

Website is not just doing traffic

by rights, we don’t do more traffic for ourselves or for our company’s website. But think about it. If you say you have 1WIP traffic every day, the result of PV conversion is 1WIP. Do you think that IP can bring benefits to your company or website? Remind some advertising alliance or direct advertisers are friends, you are likely to buy traffic is through some methods to cheat.

exchange connection brings traffic, not because of a site with a PR4 5 exchange of a link, and give up the IP PV observation. If one day found that more and more traffic from the site, resulting in the overall site of the PV conversion rate dropped, it realized that traffic from the site may be a problem. Such false traffic is also of little use to the web site. read more

Winter season the death of so many cars after the enterprise it should listen to dry goods

note: the car is a hunting cloud with "physical properties" the main consumption, based on the owners in the "subject" of any consumption will continue, or even change or optimization, or "subject" physical state, so the owners of small to rational characteristics and basic washing, a large variety of consumption with maintenance a: it is "trust". The establishment of trust needs many factors, such as standard, service, technology, transparency, price and so on. And the customers who have adhered to glue have no core value in the process of establishing trust in the consumption of physical subjects. Only by consumer recognition and reasonable profits, is the ultimate goal and healthy business posture. read more

Web Analytics e commerce key digital optimization online part middle


]He is Edmond

· Dantes, is my father, my mother, my brother, my friend, is me, is you. – Evey


first thank you readers, now a month, an article has far less than the original promise of a Monday article, but there are still friends waiting, I live up to your expectations, I am really sorry. In the past, some articles were dedicated to some friends. Today, this article wants to give a friend today be strangers to each other, including each one, I don’t know if the world will have light, there will be honesty, but because of him, I believe everything will be, because if you really do not fear the world to this country, and the turbidity of the darkness a little bit of light, then behind you strides forward, will eventually be all bright. We are with you. read more

Series four brand management of local websites

said the website brand management, this is not a problem unique to local website, but with the rapid development of local website, relative to the station, the local station more easily in a certain area to establish brand. Now I will talk about the experience of brand building on my personal experiences.

first of all, the first brand of the website is the name of the website. A local station name is to pay attention to, if you take the "Shijiazhuang XX station", is very easy to appear to rival a repeat of the situation in the local station of visitors, many of them are novice rookie, did not know which is which, even if the visit your website, he also recorded don’t know which website. In this case, we need to give the website a unique, easy to remember name. I like the Shijiazhuang forum named "popular riverside", the people around the artificial river is a river in Shijiazhuang, has an important position in the hearts of the people of Shijiazhuang, "popular riverside" is easy to remember, but also has a certain degree of poetry. Of course, in order to search optimization, at the site of the title or to appear site keywords, such as my title, "popular sur – the best forum in Shijiazhuang, second-hand housing / / talent / map / friends network", so it can not only to take care of the brand management, and care to the search. read more

[network] Tuiyou essay subdivision directory sites a navigation and a push

remember when just started to contact the computer on the Internet, the first site of hao123, then it is your guide to the Internet, to click on the site, click on the page, most likely in 2003 just started to contact the network it is because it has occupied the Internet computer, the home page, but also for the vast number of navigation station predecessors until now, there are still many stations rely on hao123 program and data.

Hao123 at the time of the website or as now, but then it is not Baidu buy, this is a list of Web sites that do with that when Li Xingping hao123, the heart will definitely want to is on the front page of each recommendation information for users to delete, this is the directory significance but, now the site navigation still exists in the home page, to give us the best information, this is the best information. read more

Five days of website promotion let Google include your website

do people want their own websites quickly indexed by search engines. Let the search engine included as soon as possible by many webmaster as an important thing. Countless webmaster website promotion as soon as possible in order to make the search engine included way. It is SEO ah, is to exchange links with other sites but. What seems to have no effect, or search engine has not yet been included. When I wanted to do, but also saw a lot of website promotion articles, many of which are a generalization of Google. According to the way, my site www.zhuliuss.cn is N for a long time is not included in Google, I believe that many people are like me and experience. Later I finally found a very effective way, now share with you. read more

How to improve website traffic

how to improve the site traffic, this is the webmaster’s most concerned topic. I am also concerned about, ha ha, recently found a good way. That’s the hard stack key. Master can not see, ha ha, some people say, Baidu k you ha ha, K it, I’m not afraid, without Baidu, still can flow.

the fastest way to improve website traffic is to pile up keywords. In fact, there are many other ways, but those are more tired. In fact, we are too afraid of Baidu you want, even if it does not K you, you do not get traffic from it, and K what two? If you want to get traffic, and do not want to risk, you may feel? Baidu is just a tool, we should make good use of. K let it go K, wait for your station on the content of the rich, who K who is not sure miles. Perhaps I am a rookie, do not know the specific rules of the Internet, but I think the truth is interlinked: the courage to die, starve to death, timid. read more

How does SNS translate user flow into cash flow


SNS website as a commercial product, its historical mission is to gather user, and the user flow "into the" cash flow "; therefore, how to improve the site’s" user flow "? And how to solve the" user flow "into the" cash flow "? Has become the two core problems of the SNS website facing, to solve the two key problems need to solve the following five questions one by one:

first, how to attract potential users to register? For the traditional website, enterprises "marketing" is the best choice for websites to attract users to register; but for websites such as SNS, enterprises "marketing" and the best choice may not attract users, partly because of its high cost, on the other hand because the effect is not ideal; for these two reasons, one might suspect, but if you are a people in the industry know get million level investment site did not do it (here is not named), and contrary to some did not get your investment but at a very good pace of development. read more

A personal webmaster’s thinking to rational view of Baidu

no matter whether the stationmaster accepts or not, now the Internet is the world of search engines. Especially for those unknown small and medium-sized sites, more than eighty percent of its natural flow from Baidu, Google and other search traffic. As China’s Internet boss, Baidu is the most controversial. Some people hate Baidu, some people favor Baidu, but it is undeniable that every webmaster, and even those portals, are relying on Baidu. For Baidu, I personally think that we should be rational, and not happy, momentary anger temporarily. read more

Look at the stickiness of new and old users of the website through Google statistics

hasn’t updated his blog for two days. I don’t know what to write. Recently started trying to use Google statistics, found that the function is really very powerful. For example, new and old users access this feature. I used 51LA to see the proportion of new and old users at most. But through the Google statistics, can analyze new and old users more data, but also can see the new users and repeat customers users sticky difference is how big. Today, I use my new station ZZDH webmaster navigation as a sample, and share with you the next new 10 days navigation site new and old user stickiness. read more

Confused life confused chose the network

2002 I began to play computer! First I only play games! CS a strange game! In 2003 after graduating from junior high school I have always wanted to do my own personal website! So I chose to study website! In 2003 after graduating from junior high school I went to a school learning network station occupation


began my father bought a computer for me to learn! But I used to play the game every day! And they seldom go to school! After one semester I do not learn! My father also told me very disappointed! Put me into the field to work! I came to a 16 year old strange city! I didn’t earn 10 Fen has spent thousands of pieces of my parents 3 months after I got back home!! at that time I returned home after continuously looking for several jobs! But always do a few days away! Most of the more than 1 months to do a read more

From the security Shijinbumei millions all over said information website traffic

7 pm, located in Nanjing Mochouhu road Vanke golden home district, a security guard found a blue bag on patrol, open and found one million yuan……

in the morning, Tencent.com saw a news, say is a security guard picked up a bag of money in the area, and immediately reported to the company, this spirit lets the modern people envy and awe.

as of now, this news immediately caused Tencent users 68000 replies, and then I in Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other large media to find, and did not find the existence of this news. read more

n fact China’s nternet is very innovative

see a lot of people criticize our country Internet without the spirit of innovation, from the search engine to the video site to social networking sites, the whole is a copy! Not so! But they lack eyes. The creative spirit of the Chinese people is no inferior to any foreigner!


imitation is a necessary process of innovation. No solid precipitation, where the sublimation of innovation, just as Einstein can come up with the theory of relativity without exception, that is a very deep foundation of physics. Let me give you a few examples of how the Chinese people are innovating, read more

Do stand 7 day P1400 search engine included normal

wrote articles for the first time, just to share the experience. I am not good at writing, please forgive me. My domain name is registered last year, has been idle where, because the work is busy no time to do stand! Finally quit your job, rest for a period of time, begin to do, what didn’t the good project, very empty on the Internet every day, and finally the big hand registered corn meters. Still use the original corn /

well into the topic I do is a movie screen with maxcms all sources are used in Youku’s friends said is not clear enough, I have all replaced P2P Qvod. Third days landing site, a look at statistics, I was shocked to see a lot of IP1000, only 50 yesterday. Today, I’ll find the reason for jumping to 1000. This is the original, I told a < post on the Qvod Forum; part of the movie website holds the QVOD (user thread Collection) 123456. 23 a82071900 2007-7-1 440 / 477829 is the post, bring a lot of traffic to me, then the search engine also quickly collected my site read more

December 14th A5 domain auction market summary

A5 (admin5.com) station network December 15th news, yesterday in the A5 domain name auction, digital domain has almost become a "special" 092.cn to 110 thousand results beat the price of the transaction, in addition to pack 5 Digital com final 110 thousand auction price of the transaction, and bm.cc with 215 thousand of the audience most expensive node shoot.

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/com.cn, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/com.cn, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk, read more

Experience paste from the user commodity point of view talk about electricity supplier operation m

What is

operation, and what is done between the product and the user is called operation. What is the operation of the electricity supplier, mainly in the user, between goods and platforms as?. Dry electricity supplier for a period of time, talk about some of my ideas about the operation of the electricity supplier. From the user, commodity point of view, how to operate my small electricity supplier?.

How do

users come to


wants users to come and have to let users know, so it must be promoted. Promotion is divided into online promotion and offline promotion. Online promotion with WeChat as an example. read more

A junior high school language teacher site experience

as a webmaster in the second grade college contact pages, that is, in the free space, only FP produced a few pages. Later, to the 51 tiger wings free space, do or HTML page. Later the PowerEasy then became popular in the XX net to buy hundreds of M space, by moving to station.

, however, as a result of the 2 upgrade failed, more than 6 thousand of the accumulated members were returned to 0, and another data was re entered. Through the efforts, it was the site of a more than 2 thousand member, I myself in order to give the students reading learning collected nearly more than 6 thousand articles writing and reading, while the daily traffic reached 1000, after a few days to several flow quickly, this just know originally a lot of traffic from Baidu, Baidu now closed station. As a result of this blow, I gave up the mobile update, and did the forum, first made BBSXP, a month later changed to the ASP popular mobile network forum. After more than 1 years of BBS development, Baidu or not included. BBS do not know that day there is a fault, that is, can not login, try many methods are not good. read more

A grass roots webmaster on the network recruitment self examination record high end is a pseudo pro

with the development of the times, the Internet plays a more and more important role in our public life. The Internet has been recognized by the public as a more service oriented attitude and has become an integral part of public life. A lot of people in the job search process will choose through the network channels, and this also makes many want to start a business friend saw "business opportunity"". Many friends choose to enter the online recruitment market as the first stop of their own business. But is the online recruitment industry really as good as you think read more