Optimization of truth journey to the west in Shanghai Dragon

4, saseng: Shanghai dragon to do

need to rest

3, eight: Shanghai dragon

Sun Wukong’s value mainly manifests in the west by the escort, to eradicate all obstacles on the road of demons and ghosts and to complete the ability, the role of escort from the magic, but the key is to have a strong execution. In Shanghai Longfeng work will often hear to have a strong executive power, the fact is that, even if we are a optimization expert, optimization of a lot of experience, if not a key execution, it is just empty talk, no use. read more

Zhang Shengrong website optimization ranking So that is what it is simple

3, analyze whether his website structure is hundreds of years ago,

answer: This is a matter of personal Adsense or enterprise websites are common, unreasonable change.


2, his analysis included problems is reasonable?

answer: no snapshot, and not included, to find counterparts do friendship is not in the late time,

?Answer: Answer: This is

website optimization work

website optimization work medium

analysis of his server is stable?Answer: if the server is not

example: take the customer’s recent single, in fact, this single is March 16th list, because some factors drag N day, the genius. If you love Shanghai not included? In fact, Zhang Shengrong was also tangled, Google included an article, other search engines do not pull dead bird is also not included, also appeared a problem "visit this page, your browser to support JavaScript" Yu Menzhong thought of a good friend (wit wit at the various templates if you need art, can not find people like Zhang Shengrong Please add QQ80982470 to you to make some changes to the line), some views, Baidu slowly come back to the children, today write checked the website snapshot is the latest. read more

The trend of independent entrepreneurship has arisen and the upsurge of Chinese style entrepreneurs

I went through something similar to you two years ago, though it wasn’t for the internet. So I will tell you what I think and what I am doing now. I hope I can help you and inspire you.

in the bleak basement of an office building in Northwest Beijing, a group of young people wanting to start business sit around the computer screen, staring intently at the latest prototype software on the screen. A few kilometers away, about 30 managers and entrepreneurs are discussing new products and company ideas at the heat of a basement room with a more heated and apparently more luxurious basement. read more

On my three point method of Shanghai Dragon

has done more than 2 years of Shanghai dragon, there is no law to begin to do, think of what you do, is free to do, of course, that time is not related to the Shanghai dragon experience, many do not know where to start, do a good job this forgot to do that a lot of the time, though it is very basic things, but also the details of the very things, but sometimes, the details determine success or failure, now the competition is so fierce, if the details not to beat each other’s words, keywords ranking than the other and from any talk about? So, details are very important. Later, more and more Shanghai Longfeng do, also began to pick some single, from every site of Shanghai Long Fengzhong slowly realized that their own methods and steps of Shanghai dragon, this process should be with steps of most of the methods should be the same, but I believe many of Shanghai dragon is still in confusion people should have some help, because this is my own and I now take the wise remark of an experienced person, most of them are single use the following steps to optimize the. read more

How to write a business website in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme

Hello, I am a rock. In yesterday’s article: enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of several key problems in the stone summarized several customers the most concern. So how to write business website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme? Today the stone according to an example, make a diagnosis scheme of Shanghai dragon. The stone fell in love with the sea casually looking for a corporate website, in fact, is nothing more than the optimization and diagnosis on the outside of the station website, and targeted keywords in the rankings of the first page of love Shanghai. Look at the following: read more

How to optimize the target keywords



secondsWebsite optimization

After the optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked Keywords

determine the key words is how to optimize the key words, under what should be put in first place. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools rejects malicious chain let site is not garbage outside the chain

has refused to love Shanghai chain we can easily reject junk chain and malicious chain, effective static own site outside the chain to improve their website ranking, but not everyone is too superstitious here we want to show the difference between the love of the chain and Shanghai refused to really delete except chain:

webmaster friends know that a website after the operation for many years there will be a lot of the chain, ranging from a few hundred many thousands or even tens of thousands, and how to effectively manage these chain to prevent their own web site is too much garbage chain dragged down the right face to own all the chain in comprehensive statistics, we often use the previous method is to find the garbage station ask to delete your links, but if the link station can not be contacted, or link your station is competitors deliberately there is no way to delete only earned by the continuous eye looked tired, but as the largest Shanghai launched a search engine love love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain to function can be effectively solved by the love sea right down because garbage outside the chain, here we talk about how to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Refused to junk the chain and malicious chain, is actually very simple, as long as a registered account in the fall in love with the sea and then landing love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝 after the landing into the choice of webmaster tools in the webmaster tools, we can see a large bar analysis of a web site will have a chain analysis in the bar, we first of all to increase their website through love Shanghai certification will own website to love Shanghai webmaster tools, as long as we enter into increased after the analysis of their love was identified by Shanghai chain chain tools, you can find all your site outside the chain, and then to the chain through the list of related the site view of all malicious, garbage, do not think of an important link through each link back to the rejection of the chain link click reject. read more

Let the search engine update algorithm to go to hell

pay more attention to the content of the website, website update, user experience, to increase user stickiness, enhance brand awareness, encourage visitors to interact, improve the conversion rate, which is the real site assets. One with little or no ranking, actually only a small part of the success. One is this, one is the end, what is more important, I believe most English website promotion has clear people. The ranking is a KPI, but is not the most important KPI. Because there are many ways to get traffic to the site, and even keyword advertising can bring a lot of high-quality click, not just rely on search engine rankings, ranking is only a good side. read more

Optimization in this period of time to do the site of the holiday

(you can change the directory name. 01, don’t appear dead links, all 02 directory can not have too much change to replace the individual directory name)

(2) with keywords competition will decrease. (because usually we are doing some outside the chain, such as blogs, exchange links and update the content, but the competition during the Spring Festival will stop, we usually just a little attention will be ranked by other competitors or beyond, there is a lot of floating, and celebrate the new year during this period will be very smooth, even if your site changes after your ranking will be in a stable read more

Writing and optimization of 6 site title note


Optimization Website Title Title don’t repeat, the station outside the station are the same, because the search engines crawl the page is the first look at the title, and then look at the content, the title is mainly based on the search engine to determine whether the original content of the website. If the station or station outside the site title page will be repeated, it may be included in a small chance.

optimization note: when writing the title, the title must pay attention to key content and web site, otherwise, there may be a search engine that is cheating. read more

Dalian Qingfeng Shanghai Longfeng share in Shanghai know to do some idea of the chain

now does have a lot of methods to increase the external links, which requires us to practice in the website optimization to discover and summarize, when the chain must first collect some websites, forums, blogs and other resources, which can send the chain, which can not be issued, so when the website promotion, some to summarize the current document, everyone should know that several methods are quite popular: knowledge quiz website, forum, classified information, write text, exchange Links, web site directory outside the chain, the chain network Abstract bookmark today I focus mainly in the knowledge quiz website to do some when the chain of small idea. read more

Short URL is not suitable for use in the dragon in Shanghai

in search of a microfilm platform over the link, that is simply not click, and put the normal link, it is a clickable. So on this platform is not appropriate.

as above, can be very good to the original site is hidden, but when you click some short URL, or can jump to the original web page. This approach is not suitable for in order to increase the site outside the chain, only when the traffic increases. So when we know the link left on the platform, in order to avoid every time the same link, you can through the web site to link blocked micro risk. read more

The exchange of high quality Links 10 points

The number of

4, the proportion of articles included: open the other side of the site, to see how many articles, how many search engine included articles included higher proportion, more representative of the original, the weight is not too low, check, recently published articles are included, can use Adsense tools inquires the day the number included. If it is a collection of articles, the articles included are generally small, the latter will be slowly removed.

< > The frequency of updates read more

Shanghai love will affect the length of more than 128K even not included

love Shanghai webmasters college a few days ago published a case about some of the details, particularly worthy of attention webmaster.

website crawlers do optimization, then the length of the page to within 128K, not too long. Otherwise, the crawler content, page content has long truncated, grabbing part does not recognize the main content, resulting in page was identified as empty short and not included.

Shanghai: "love will affect the length of more than 128K even not included

Original address: 贵族宝贝lusongsong贵族宝贝/blog/post/8966.html read more

Shanghai Longfeng case study two buy Network


related domain has 528 anchor text, needless to say, certainly a lot of.

these three points for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are the basic common sense, love shopping done in this area is also very good, not what to say, and then look down, the only thing to note is that we do like this in the long tail word when keywords and description had their own definition of what, not through the program call.

title and H1 tags, but did not find the H2 label, the author thinks that add some H2 tags properly or better. read more

Promotion bid winning accurate keywords

for Internet users, the search has become a habit. When the potential consumer users to find their own products or services, the habit of searching for search engine. Therefore, for the supply of various products and services of the website group, keyword selection is a key part of the mining business. Can choose keywords is not an easy thing, need to consider many factors. Keywords such as whether to fit with their own web site, and as the target customers will search what kind of words? And whether there are some keywords can affect the potential customers for the preference of similar products, which led to these more potential customers demand? Obviously, want to choose quasi keywords, hard work is essential. Through the above mentioned, I hope you can more clearly understand the importance of doing SEM, keyword selection. Next, the author takes the domestic search engine boss love Shanghai as an example, talk about how to find reasonable accurate keywords. read more

Shanghai Longfeng experts how to treat in 2013

Shanghai dragon should do, because in the end will follow up and search has become part of the Shanghai dragon do, this has been the case from the vision become normal, so the company is no longer just Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon company.

2013 Shanghai dragon didn’t like, for example, Shanghai dragon direction from pure technical level to pay more attention to human factors, and semantic strategies, social strategies and action strategy, diversification strategy has been more important than last year, let us look at the Shanghai dragon expert opinion read more

Talk about the fatal mistake love Shanghai original algorithm

produced a lot of topics, but also love them when the baby in Shanghai. On the other hand, a lot of practical content station, and did not get traffic. More and more of the original content is not interested. This long to live, love Hailai to survive, especially fine content would be less.

(1) of the so-called brand is Shanghai station, love them as a dry son. What they can join the original spark program automatically, they account for the position of the front rank. The station did not really content, only some small row. But what is the result? The love is Shanghai’s hopes of original content more and more more and more good?? on the contrary. I think, copy the content of the others, can get a lot of traffic? Do you think there are many brands stand to do content will? Take a minute effort to earn ten dollars and spend per cent effort to earn ten dollars, I believe most people are choosing the former. In fact, such a situation. Many stations not generated content, but the content is reproduced or user he made. Do you think the user gives you free content, will give the original to you? It is a lot of duplication. read more

Shanghai dragon Er analysis site of the disappearance of YAHOO data decide on what path to follow

Yahoo now! Site Explorer shut down, resulting in a lot of chain analysis tools are not used, such as Chinaz, Cao Shangfei, the webmaster tools are not able to check, because they are called YAHOO, and now replaced by the tools there are many, such as the tools of Shanghai dragon Moz Majestic Site, Explorer, opensiteexplorer, English these tools can be used to query the chain data:

As a webmaster


recently love Shanghai has updated the site keywords have not changed much, but the one thing that might make many webmaster have been depressed for a long time, that is the YAHOO link disappeared, many webmaster analysis of a website is good or bad, YAHOO link is the main reference data, because YAHOO link chain is to anchor the main text outside the chain, directly affect the keywords ranking, on the other hand, when we analyze the competitor’s website, it can be analyzed from the YAHOO link, to see if they are where the hair of the chain, it also links according to the weight of the arrangement, it is convenient to the people. read more

Shanghai Longfeng experience West YALG’keyword selection strategy of Shanghai dragon whole cabinet

West YALIG’whole cabinet official website 贵族宝贝xiyalijia贵族宝贝. This domain name is to do with their own brand of Chinese Pinyin, and their own business industry "the whole cabinet" not what relevance, how to let customers can remember their own name? All in the website keywords, need to do a department is similar to the "West YALIG’whole cabinet official net", "West" such as YALIG’ keyword. Direct entry into their own brand.

today is so much content, integrity hope friends can keep the original article reproduced content. Thank you。 read more