Anyang Shanghai Longfeng Xiangjie website optimization workflow table sharing

three, the construction of the chain

1: every Links website address and friendship time.

7: whether the relevant industry (mainly clear chain with their own industry or not)

2: Contact: including QQ, mobile phone number, etc..


4, the small Zhai Jiulai to share, how to establish a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon.

2: what linkbait loved Shanghai included, which weight is higher.

1: the actual total number of every link bait, where all the hair, how much each place specific hair.

2:IIS log data: love the Shanghai times, Google spider crawling robot crawling and crawling times of charity.

The effectiveness of

1: included quantity update daily on the site and loved Shanghai and Google in the day, and fell in love with the reverse link closed domain, Google marine and so on, the specific data available tools to query, webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools commonly used.

4: the site was the parameters including the PR value, included, snapshots and so on.


a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon, will make your work more clear, make your work more targeted, in order to find their own deficiencies and improvement, this is also a Shanghai dragon er must.

as a novice when Shanghai dragon Er I believe many of my friends have encountered such a problem, such as a web site keywords ranking on the site is down right not to go, do not know what caused the Shanghai love, update your site included page is greatly reduced and so on. What should we do in order to such a problem when take time for? This is what we need to do a detailed flow chart of Shanghai dragon, let website no matter right down, or when the rank changes are dealt with.

2, the first, can clear their work plan and purpose, with

1, then Shanghai Longfeng flow chart of what are the benefits of


3, second, to make their own work auditable monitoring and analysis, to the.

6: whether the crossover (we have A and B two sites, we use the A chain to the other station C station, C station link to each other with our A station, this is the interchange)

3: which keyword anchor text (if I do today three friendship, with which the keywords anchor text links.)

, a detailed record of the Links

data update site every day

5: is the station link or link to the home page.

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