The user needs is what want website page optimization tips

1, the weight of the

, a web page breadcrumb navigation optimization techniques

users need is that we should strive to do, this is the respect for the performance of the user experience. We know the source of web traffic portal large mostly through the inside pages of the website, shows the importance of the inside pages, have their own opinion for the author, in this article we will analyze website page optimization techniques.

users need is what I want, site optimization is always considering the user experience, only to provide users with thoughtful service to get love search engine and user. Production and website breadcrumb navigation within the page layout pattern, and the above optimization ideas, I >

large web layers generally even deeper in the five layer, so from our cognition on the search engine optimization is bad, but why these sites deep inside pages have good rankings? The reason is this website has a very high weight, high weight and this is where actually? From these high quality web pages, in fact this is echoed each other, weighted by the link transmission, this is the website voting mechanism. This is just from the level of importance in mechanical site optimization up about bread crumbs navigation. The main part of the page weight high from the content of the article, so as to show the optimization effect brought about by the breadcrumb navigation links.

Optimization analysis of

is mainly present in the left column article, is browsing the current selections, so put in a prominent position on the appreciation, user-friendly. The next step is to interact with the user, such as the top of the article. By reading this article, we should know the needs of users, so the following setting is relevant article recommended, can improve the site’s PV website to reduce the rate of jump out. This layout to achieve the optimization of the website page.

two, website page template optimization techniques

2, the two column type website page right column layout


in the right column we’d better provide users with more choices, with a variety of content, enrich the user’s reading needs, enhance the user time stay on the site, the article first provides a random site in the right column for the reference of the users, if you love your website or your membership, for the convenience of such user registration and login can be set membership entrance etc..

1, the two column type in the left column of the website page layout

when the user access to web browsing is likely not clear how to go back to the original page or even don’t know how to go back to the front page of the site, then the bread crumbs navigation is a good solution to the needs of users, to achieve the requirements of the user experience, this is a kind of optimization settings.

2, the user experience optimization decision set


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