The traditional enterprise network promotion effect how to test these basic skills to do

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China is very small and medium-sized enterprises, similar to the "Hongyuan Machinery" phenomenon of enterprise name coincidence is also very common, it actually increases the tax burden for small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion but the brand keywords represent a field of authority, although this area is very small, but the Internet is the field of infinite zoom, as long as enterprise network optimization and promotion of good, so, not just to get a few orders, may establish a certain industry segments of the authority.


and the key is the product of keywords, such as the elevator industry high speed elevator, the key words do actually is quite difficult, because the elevator is almost the pursuit of the goal, each elevator industry obviously, want to take this as keywords to do, need to practice the nine party can skill.

found himself?

here, the point, what is the promotion of enterprise network basic skills? I want to say is three points: one is to have an independent website, two is the brand keywords optimization to the home page, the three is famous in Shanghai on the list of products of love.

traditional enterprise, has always been a hot topic in a lot of people, some enterprises are also trying to do, usually the effect is not very good, some companies also said the Internet promotion is so hard! We spent a lot of money, but did not see any effect. In the development of the Internet today, the enterprise website promotion is rule-based, if the network promotion is regarded as a "martial arts cheats, so it is the basic skills, if these basic skills are not reached, then, on the other is the basic of


said network promotion, a lot of people will say that search engine optimization, talks to Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization is the core of Shanghai Longfeng do keyword search engine first, these words include industry Keywords: for example, the construction site, so the local website construction company Shanghai website construction company, Beijing website construction company is the target keywords. But we all know, so the key competition, is not good to do.

if you still can’t understand the words, we take a look at the search of some well-known enterprises in Shanghai Shanghai is love, love if the display of search results:


there is a brand brand key words: in the case of Haier, Haier said, we all know that this is a do what business, then I give you an example, Hongyuan Machinery is doing what you love? "Shanghai Hongyuan Machinery", will find a lot of enterprises this name, Dongying Hongyuan Machinery, Henan Changge Hongyuan Machinery Factory, Wuxi Hongyuan, Yangzhou city Jiangdu District Hongyuan Electrical machinery factory…… Encountered such a situation how to do? If let myself be through the network users to find their own goals,


How to do network promotion crap!

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