To avoid the black hat optimization risk black hat optimization stability strategy

second was a station. A station building is actually content, it takes the webmaster most of the time, but also the key to the site to obtain initial weight. Usually in the first page of the website can appear 30 to 40 articles. Reprint volume also need to add content, in addition to the need to increase the site chain, is to exchange or to enhance the site included, of course, if your time is limited, so this work can do a little, try to do the content, this is the key to keep standing.

The black hat The number of calls

we know love Shanghai more and more high-level intelligence, in this context, most people think that want to make black hat optimization that is. But as long as the black hat optimization can make the website ranking made great progress in a short time, so there are still many webmaster want to find the thrill of success rush into danger, in a black hat in the world.

to update the number of articles and you need to configure the page, as you call 30, >


first, prepare the website. That is the first thing to do 30 sites, but also use the old domain name, and then cultured for 3 months. The use of 30 sites, most are used to spare, because in the use of black hat optimization, believe it will be a K, you need to reserve time, so the 30 website is more appropriate. The reason to have 3 months, mainly personal energy is limited, the website must have a basic weight, so take some time. These 30 sites after about 3 months, to use the site command to find sites, that is to say the site is included. To love for the Shanghai logo site can. Sites included in the day can reach 40%. But the chain can increase. This is the basic material.

file is also in the list, and the list of the articles is called and you do not close to the relevant keywords, and in this industry, but can be reflected in the title, but the list is not able to reflect the content can be related to the content industry. For example, do you want to lose weight of the word, then the article page will not be able to relate to what a good diet pills, the problem is how to lose weight, how to lose weight, and the content of these articles must be original.

third is a black hat optimization. This is the most crucial step, is to determine whether the key to the success of the black hat website. When it reaches the first mention requirements of web standards, then you can design what you need to do business pages, now need the root directory on the website of the create a new folder, and then make a black hat files in the HTML file format is.

method can effectively enhance the stability of the optimization of the black hat, of course, this method if there is no good psychological quality of the webmaster or caution, this method is suitable for those who want to make quick money webmaster, also need to take greater risks of the owners, the following analysis of specific ideas.

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