The love of Shanghai is used to find the search advertising marketing Mo small ads

is used to find the love of Shanghai advertising, Wang said

I do not envy the love of Shanghai revenue, but do not oppose the search engine marketing, but to remind love Shanghai, Google and other mainstream search engine and the search engine marketing is "long-term greedy, not short-term greed" continued revenue mainstream search engines and search engine marketing to "blossom of sesame", the former we must rely on technological progress, more accurate quickly recommend authoritative useful content, the latter must be created through the trusted content system of the brand, persevere, not that.


maybe "king two" answer too much emphasis on personal subjective experience is too extreme, but it is generally more accurately grasp the current mainstream search engine development trend along with the people to continue to rely on the network, network marketing has attracted more and more attention, in which, for the entrance to the content of the search engine the commercial value continues to improve, all advertisers are eyeing this fat search engine.

as everyone knows, the function of search engine is to help users quickly and accurately find the desired content, more cases, the search engine does not directly produce content, but pretreatment collection of existing network content, according to the needs of users to search, users preferred the most consistent with its willingness to search content.

two users

remember two years ago ZAC an interview, talked about his blog content optimization said, "the basic Shanghai dragon Q >

is facing the great money, love Shanghai and other mainstream search engines continue to strengthen efforts to create the search engine advertising operation, non advertising position has shrunk dramatically at the same time, the general recommendation; search engine marketing also in diligently efforts, will "make" strategy to play around the keywords point reach the peak of perfection, content is meaningless with keywords (Google said "the farm") "information geometric increase — so many users search produced" why love Shanghai forever can not find the information I want in the confusion, even the love of Shanghai is used to find the final conclusion of advertising ".

Authoritative statistical data of

in answer to users "why love Shanghai forever can not find the information I want to ask questions, know the user" Wang Er "give an irrelevant answer to say:" love Shanghai is used to find the ads do not believe you try. Do not find advertising".

search engine marketing money scene look after

related industries also reflect the "search engine is accelerating advertising gold" speculation – "online marketing 2012 love Shanghai (i.e. advertising) income is 22 billion 246 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 53.5%, and even insiders concluded that" the optimistic forecast 2013 love Shanghai advertising revenue or super CCTV "the.



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