The spider on the site included how to update

spiders in Shanghai with a program search and love Shanghai, love Shanghai spider search is mainly through the establishment of the Internet pictures, video and news content to grasp the corresponding database. Then the database collation, so as to ensure that customers can website from the search and fell in love with the sea view. The search engine spiders and love Shanghai to ensure the program download scheduling service, also facilitate the establishment of website optimization search and more people. To attract and control can guarantee the spider love Shanghai website effectively collected and ranking. So how to effectively attract spiders love Shanghai?

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also is through external chain crawling, control of spider web site search. So the connection of a chain to love Shanghai spider web site provides some opportunities.

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The so-called love is This link:

in the process of Internet content update we guarantee enterprise website snapshot update, so that the search spider crawling. In website optimization we often mention the love Shanghai spider search, so for the novice webmaster what love is and how to ensure the Shanghai spiders, Shanghai love spider search does not seem to understand.

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The second is

on the site regularly updated news content. Love of spiders in Shanghai on the website of the search according to the degree of trust and frequency of visit. At the same time for the original article content is more to love Shanghai spider’s appetite, so for those new station based on no certain weight, we must ensure that the update of the original. At the same time for the time control and content freshness control is more attractive for the arrival of the spider.

first of all we can through the website map corresponding to the love of spiders in Shanghai for the path guidance, thereby shielding the useless search path.

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