Shanghai Longfeng website internal optimization tutorial

We know that The first part of the

we found that some search keywords in the search engine, in the search results, some of the URL of the keyword can also be highlighted. To search for the "fast men" as an example, as shown in figure 1-1.

The domain name

search for "fast men"


part can be optimized by adding and the website of the most important keywords, this part will explain in the next section, the key. How to make optimization outside the domain name? For example,

in English access site, often can see some English keywords in URL. While the Chinese keywords in URL often because of "encoding display in the search results is garbled, and Chinese URL look so beautiful, is not conducive to the increase of external links, but can be converted to Pinyin spelling out words, the search engine technology now can be identified.

URL contains keywords to keywords ranking can play a certain role, the Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster introduce how to optimize URL.

URL by the domain name, for example; second part refers to the file name, or similar to " /jianfei.html".

om this site is to introduce some weight loss and weight loss method, do not understand Shanghai Longfeng people may set URL, or. This setting does not affect the normal site visit, but the search engines URL, URL will not recognize it this is what kind of, then the search engine could make two choices: one is to give up to grab another grab after belong to a special place to be made out of URL index. The URL is deployed in Shanghai dragon words, like this:. If someone searches for "slimming method" in the search engine keywords, "above the website URL address in Jianfei" and "jianfeifangfa" is also included in the text as the text analysis of the search engine, increased by >

1.1 URLWhen

Matt Cutts once noble baby in his blog released a video devoted noble baby to keyword appears in the URL attitude. He said, the key words in URL the ranking of the site is very small, do not have to care about the URL keyword appears in the order, and do not appear too many keywords in a URL. Just imagine, like Sina, Alibaba, NetEase, the major portals, the directory level very much, if each directory URL contains multiple keywords, so doing, I’m afraid the browser’s address bar are written, and the search engines will not love, will think this site is a garbage station, so the number of keywords must control URL.

There is a weight loss column Figure 1-1

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