Portal news source soft in 2011 to become the mainstream technique of Shanghai Dragon


entered in 2011, Shanghai dragon topic more and more fire, the search index rose rapidly, the highest market share of the search engines love Shanghai algorithm by K, be the most changeful, website snapshot, long tail keywords ranking disappeared, the high quality of the chain to find related topics appeared frequently in the webmaster forum and Shanghai Phoenix Forum. Every time the search engine algorithm to adjust or update to tens of thousands of small owners very upset, how stable do Shanghai dragon become a direction of the webmaster pursuit.

two is a strong stability. News sites have these advantages, usually is the accumulation of many years and more, not like a lot of personal websites like drop right down the right, said K was K; the site itself is not easy to delete or collapse, so the chain on these sites have very good stability.

three is a soft news chain with persistence. This is relative to many Links, before exchanging links will be the mainstream change cooperation site itself factors change, cooperation website if PR or high weight, may no longer be exchanged, if low, is not cost-effective, and purchase links usually paid monthly fee, every month to pay the cost once, stop, there is no news, pay soft outside the chain only need to publish for the first time to pay, there has always been to the site, do not need to renew, durable good.

is the essence of Shanghai dragon "content is king, the chain for emperor", is a long-term business process, the content of cooperation of high quality content usually comes from the user created or traditional media, outside chain will have a wide range of sources, from Links, forum signature, published articles, soft news, with the more and more websites or forums banned links or links to improve the threshold, more and more owners to do outside the chain of attention to news portal website.

portal news source site why more and more webmaster’s favor? The reporter interviewed before the IT bestseller "play make website – your website operation handbook" by Mr. Chen Guangfeng, Chen Guangfeng introduced the use of portal news website news source soft Wen three benefits of the chain:

is a soft outside the chain of high quality news. The news website has the advantage richly endowed by nature most news websites are websites, government departments or traditional media in operation. For the source of information, information editing, information accuracy, timeliness of information, have good protection. For news content, most of which are very professional by professional journalists interview, personal website or general corporate website and news sites compared to. The information for the search engines, is the core. The search engine is to provide users with accurate and timely information. It is based on this point, the search engine for news websites are usually given higher weights, the release of these articles or recommend news on the web links in the search engine appears to have high quality.



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