Qualified owners should have what ability

with the development of the Internet, the search engine algorithms are constantly updating, we must follow the pace of the search engine, at the same time it updates we have to keep learning, you can go to some Adsense BBS, portal exchange learning, all of the above is secondary, who has also cooked so well as they have who will, as their own will, the most effective way is through their own combat to continue to explore the mechanism of search engine algorithm.


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two: patience and perseverance is very important to

as everyone knows, website optimization needs a long time, I had a fortune optimization site, this kind of word of competition is particularly fierce, but at the time I thought can be home for three months, I spent half the time did not achieve the desired results, in fact, not, no effect is impossible, now about one thousand of the weight of the 2 day IP, which once again witnessed the website optimization is not a day for two days can be effective, less than a month, more than half a year. So the website optimization is the most important to have patience and insist on the go.

three: keep a modest attitude towards study

in our website optimization process is inevitable, but some webmaster problems will be at a loss what to do, a post to ask a question, most of the day, to finally or not the solution, because the site is your operation, you do what you do not know, not to mention others. In fact, the real master and not to ask if there is a problem immediately on the site analysis, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the inside and outside, will not miss any details, all remember, at any time, don’t be too impatient, as a good webmaster we should take the peace of mind to find out the cause of the problem.

yesterday, someone asked me how to improve website ranking, site is down right to do so, I said you have asked me this time is not to be analyzed for reasons? The man said: I love Shanghai old algorithm change, not ah. Because of this, many webmaster for these problems at a loss, some owners even lose faith and to optimize the conversion of the industry, in fact, I think this is not everyone thought so complicated, love Shanghai has long been the statement stressed the "user experience" for the king, I believe we all know. Good gossip short, following the author from the following points and share excellent qualified owners should have what ability.

: a peace of mind

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