Share the pride in A5 chicken soup Shanghai first love

at the time of this writing, Beijing Midea air conditioning repair, have added a special Hong QQ friends, but carefully read "Hong Shanghai ranked the first 100 days of stable love experience", think that there is more need to ask him. Shu Hong think this essay is so good. Because A5 is not a literary magazine, nor the reader’s Digest, it is an Internet exchange platform, inside this article mainly reflects the industry trends and industry, although there are more macro news, but they think Hong A5 is more emphasis on reflecting the individual (personal here almost close to the grassroots webmaster means) the passions, growing attention to this community development. This is the very many webmaster and Hong Long Bored bubble in one of the main reasons A5. The webmaster is with its own utilitarian purpose in the A5 document, but it can be understood. Because most of the articles in the objective way of working and thinking structure of individual owners have a great influence. Even about the webmaster mood at some time.

, the Shu Hong also saw some viewpoints and methods, need to be crafted strategy, it is completely normal, healthy, can not be avoided and overcome in the operation of a personal website. Here is Hong remembered Muzi into the boat on the site the beauty of defects of the article, the aesthetic view of Shanghai Longfeng here to prove to some extent. The author focuses on the experience of how to maintain the advantage in the sharing of rankings, but Hong think it can be called "after the Shanghai dragon strategy". Once the theme of the site to achieve a ranking optimization, how to achieve a stable position, which is quite remarkable. In this paper it is considered naturally or half unconsciously, Hong touched a website the vitality of the kernel, in addition to the pursuit of commercial interests, and our business ethics.


so even if this is a propaganda their soft wen. Because it is true to life, life experiences and insights, and under the guidance of the theory of practice. The development of this site is the epitome of a group, from which you can see on the grassroots webmaster diligent pursuit of ambition in life. Among these, some people do not want to write, there are people who want to write, but could not smooth expression but perfectly logical and reasonable, Beijing Midea air conditioning repair of this process will be completely written out. Let others are suffering in the fog of the new station, saw an unmistakable sign and beacon, not only know her goal, but also through their hard work that is full of hope to achieve the ideal set. At least, but Hong also had similar to the author’s experience, the specific content of the life tension please refer to [A5 for special Hong perceived] blog website.

Hong has always believed that many special individual stationmaster is essentially belong to the same network compared to the early history of the proletariat, was driven into the city enclosure movement of industrial workers, many webmaster groups can be identified as a means of production of computer. This theory is based on cognitive, so feel "Beijing beautiful air conditioning maintenance.

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