Move through the site optimization and Shanghai dragon Er staff level and extent


other simple basic operation basic can be seen at a glance, how how to check the normal operation, is not listed here.

check the basic operation, an important operation in the construction of basic

A. included

light included and can not explain what the problem is, we want to see how much the total effective website page, how many pages are included, the amount collected about 60% qualified, as for how to see included accounting, I think you must have the way, Jane Shanghai Longfeng here is introduced in detail.

of Shanghai Longfeng this summed up the following suggestions for reference, hope to help.

this is probably a very simple operation, whether a site of Shanghai Longfeng OK certainly has a lot of methods, you may know a lot of methods. But really truthfully fully reflect the progress and the website of Shanghai Longfeng Er level, maybe not so much real..

why? I think you may have experienced self-evident, understand people do not understand, do not understand people who will appreciate a mood here.

based on the operation, such as domain name 301 centralized settings, URL rules, the content of basic operation, H label, robots and so on the basic setup, the basic construction of most of our sampling can be from a few of the most important samples, there is no need to check, of course you can also carefully check all also. We can fully understand the overall situation, may find and learn new things.

is the last ranking, see the operating frequency, the degree of comprehensive operation, this is a comprehensive index, look at the rankings and can not see what there is of course, ranking can explain some strength, but the site in Shanghai has inherited the ER dragon ranking is clearly nonsense. So in understanding whether OK to understand and optimize the three fundamentals, a project took over the operation time, the existing ranking, content and frequency of operation, so that a comprehensive index will be more consistent with a site optimization personnel level, of course, may not fully reflect Shanghai dragon Er levels, but the relative than the single index to a reliable, in truth for Jane >


is an important basis for judging the comprehensive index of

is a website with a very important part of the core, it is one of the focus of Shanghai dragon Er, when looking at the content to see the contents of the page, the writing level, the original quality, keyword density, within the chain, user experience, this is an important optimization target, of course the details of things very much, you can see the inside of the true level of a Shanghai dragon, is a part of the most difficult, this is a website optimization whether good or bad and a Shanghai dragon Er level quality of important reference, but also the inherent strength, of course not all express website ranking effect. But its role can not be at.

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