Noble baby reminds link PR transfer behavior

Following the

via: Lu Songsong

at the same time, the noble baby official also provides advice:

comment: noble baby in two aspects do better than the love of Shanghai, the 1 will notify the webmaster; 2 is to allow paid links. Now the search engine in the fight against the sale of links, please note.


2), as soon as possible to delete paid links, also can give a paid link rel=" nofollow".

1), do not have any paid links transfer behavior of PR.

algorithm on the line after the Shanghai green love, noble baby also warned again on its official blog: link in violation of the quality policy of noble baby. Google will regularly reiterated this policy guidance. If you sell a link to PR, or advertorial, reduce its nobility baby PR ranking, other consequences may also include a lower ranking web search results in the noble baby.

but the good news is, if you have a link behavior, the webmaster can see a warning message "may think it is natural or on your web site links to other sites in the noble baby webmaster tools, both in the manipulation of PageRank", if the owners received this message, is that you the site has lost faith in the noble baby.

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