The medical website SEM website visitors out of the bounce rate forced six sins

Figure 1 is a

[two sins: my business and floating]

through a week, asked many designers of real users, in order to ensure that these six aspects is that most users do not like and have a very high probability exists in many medical websites. Before then, we assume that a user is potential patients can indeed be transformed into effective consultation or referral.

no matter what type of website, page refresh and access speed is the most important factor must be considered. Even your website layout and then carefully, then fill in the content, unless the user can only in the huge Internet to find information, on your website, once you access web pages faster than the user to wait, how many users love browsing your website

test speed of the medical station, the site is placed in the independent nets of IP host. The contents of a download test is not ideal, the test time in many areas are close to or even more than 1s, of course, as a medical site, our main target audience or local visitors. So I suggest that the best choice in our website IDC service providers can ensure local, local and surrounding areas (that is our target area) visitors to the fastest and shortest time to open and refresh the page, if conditions permit, the best can increase the CDN speed, at the same time for different users the same area network connection speed, as the last choice.

[figure 1]

is not to make you feel very familiar? Yes, the current medical SEM site, whether home page, list page, or the page, six business and floating the position of the picture is nothing less than 2, after a period of time the author >

I was in the "SEM medical Shanghai dragon sights on search engine users," SEM "behind the medical network editor hand" and "SEM medical website technology hand code standard behind the needs of humanity" of the three articles in how many have mentioned about how to enhance the user experience. Attract and retain visitors at our website which led to the conversion of the content. But obviously this is a not a uniform standard, since on the positive side we cannot fully know the user’s joy, then we say the six elements from the opposite side generally after the user enters medical websites, forcing them to leave the site.

[figure 2]


medical site is an essential characteristic, it is directly related to our users into a hook. Since we have no better way to replace it, you can take a more gentle way to allow users to accept them, at least, is not to let them become one of the reasons to leave the site users.

Floating pictures and Shangwutong

[a sin: deceive the page access speed]

Figure 2

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