The website structure for the influence of weight transfer

before we start, we need to first come to understand the link weights, the link weight may be a lot of people are not unfamiliar. We can simply link to your site on the site, they will assign the weight of your site to your site. We can make an analogy, if we see this as a vote, then the link to your site site is like a vote for your vote, it will increase the site search engine for your trust. We call this process as the link weight transfer. For this process we can put our site to be a tree, while the link weight is to nourish the tree water, as seedlings from boiling water, your site also cannot do without the link weight, a plant if lack of moisture will wither, even death, a site if the lack of link weight it will affect its organic rankings in search engines and may even affect the index of the website.


site affects the weight distribution site, but also affect the organic ranking, a web site traffic and so on, before we begin our optimization work, we should first work on the structure of our website, in order to optimize the day after the half.

when there is water, a problem of how to make them achieve the maximum value is placed in front of us, how to allocate the water like the gardener to plant in order to achieve the maximum effect. The site to achieve full link weight going through a reasonable structure of the site. The website structure the most common problems we can see as the link weight imaging dam, all on the website homepage, and other directories or the content page is not transmitted to the weight. As I recently met a customer, they are the chain of the site of both the rich and the quality, but the site is indexed, the author found that all web site outside of the chain to the site, a large number of weights are concentrated in the home, and the structure of the site did not pass the link to the category page. Or the content page, resulting in not indexed by search engines. So for us to optimize personnel not only to obtain a lot of high quality of the chain, to know more of the link weights through the website of the reasonable structure of the distribution to the website page, the website can achieve a good ranking.

plays an important role in the optimization of our work in. The construction site structure we can be said to have a lot of knowledge. So a good website structure what role? We can will be roughly divided into two points. First: the friendly experience of a good website structure can well improve the user, and the user friendly experience is our website of the. Second: a good website structure can make our site to the search engine more friendly, and can transfer weight good site. This is the author in this paper mainly expounds the problems, the structure of the site for the site link weight transfer.


The The structure of the website of

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