Website optimization for enterprises to optimize the details of the requirements

first look at some enterprise optimization:

?Answer: because

improve order conversion, is actually practicing internal strength, to make their own hard iron, steel and concrete have the following ideas:

the search volume keywords on the

on the basis of A, we should optimize the next step is as far as possible to select more can directly bring customers the key words, is we said the need for accurate flow, industry knowledge accumulated, customer inquiries, keywords bias in the application, special type or product etc..

second questions: what affect the

is in Shanghai Longfeng, so only the search over, keyword search traffic.

wrote a simple "for the enterprise website optimization, how to optimize what?" the article is about ideas, no specific details, many of my friends do not know specifically how to do, today we talk about with some specific details on the three plate. Today to introduce some ideas for enterprises to optimize the individual.

search keywords, the number of keywords, keywords ranking position, attractive web links in the search results (i.e. hits)

A, a flow quantity increase

first, we consider several problems:

you see "flow" in these three words may have nodded, and because I know how to do is actually the two concepts, we can segment, because any problems and more detailed, more easy to fix.


then, we’re going to fix two pieces:

as close as possible to the ranking, 1-3 best

to obtain accurate flow > 2, improve order conversion of

is the main direction we know, there are two aspects:


as much as possible



keyword search traffic?Answer:

the first question: where search traffic from

in the first step if well, basically has greatly improved the quality of the flow, which is helpful for improving order transformation, source control, can you.

is the title of the page and the content is to attract the search key click, to pay attention to

B, the station to guide the customer advisory

as far as possible to do more keywords to

A, the source control flow quality

for their own enterprises, enterprises need to enhance the passenger flow, to form more order conversion, then the optimization direction is to engage in traffic, improve order conversion.

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