Detailed yesterday love Shanghai Webmaster Platform opening

two, Ping

submit Sitemap to guide the search engine spiders crawling your site, do a denoising, this is very friendly to the search engine’s action, recommends that everyone submit their website Sitemap to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform here, set the update frequency and data address of the file currently available up to submit 200 sitemap file, submit completed will be a test, if successful, this success. Success will not tell you why, this is a Sitemap and add new data interface, compared with the period of online interface to do the adjustment, stable performance, simple operation and more personal feeling, enhance the user experience.


Sitemap: the little offbeat before I share also mentioned a friend consulting website does not include the problem, sometimes you for some reason at the time of closure of a region of IP, then the problem, robots did not stop the spider, but the site is not included, many owners will not put with IP included are linked with the feeling is no problem.. This situation can be the first look at the reaction Webmaster Platform Sitemap whether to stop the crawl, if normal, stop now could you stop where spider. This is to prevent the small details and not easily found by little investigation method.

the opening in the original Webmaster Tools: Sitemap, URL, optimization suggestions of site safety testing, website submission channel based on the increase of Ping and free code function, of course, the original function is to do some fine-tuning. The change is not too big, but fully open for everyone or great help, here I will make a detailed analysis.

The use of

yesterday (September 16th), Shanghai love Webmaster Platform end beta, formally to the webmaster open, while the domain name from sitemap.baidu贵族宝贝 for the new domain name zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝. Fully open love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is a good thing for the webmaster friends, first of all we don’t invite the beta code and tangled, it also means the webmaster can Webmaster Platform more convenient to submit their own content to love Shanghai, but also some new functions to help.

Ping function is a new function of Pingping is to update the notification service based on XML_RPC standard protocol, for the blog >

, Sitemap

Sitemap is a very good webmaster tools, a lot of friends online feedback is included after the submission of Sitemap has been greatly improved, including me too, visible standardized operation, provide the search engine friendly.

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