Discussion love Shanghai for promotion points and mentality

was responsible for the promotion of Shanghai sex, no basis and experience is basically nothing, without a clue. Every day we see love Shanghai certification inside video, there are groups of friends in exchange. But the real practice is not the same thing.

The best We must put keywords in the sentence ? The

ranking is not always the same, so often on the account to update the key words and ideas. If you don’t update it, ranking will also fall. Not bid higher ranking ranking is better, depending on the keyword star and click rate, the other also to see his love of Shanghai account time is not long promotion.

by A, B test method, selected users click on the selling point, has been moving towards these attractions write creative, creative click rate will be higher.

2, when the first creative writing keywords

4, creative description in principle

core products

must increase the wildcard, preferably 3 recording is appropriate, the best creative is a short two. Is the short title, 1 long, 2 short description in principle. An extension of unit 5 best ideas, and constantly updated creative.

if a lot of words are divided into a set of words, not every one can set up creative keywords can be read fluent. Keywords and must be with wildcards, so if each promotion unit keywords too much, will cause the creative and does not match the keywords or creative unfluent. The mind is to love Shanghai 15-30 a set of keywords, but in practice the more detailed the better packet.

What are the main factors that affect the ranking of 1, block

above is my promotion get two months of experience, nor is the truth, in fact is the most critical practice. >

love Shanghai pay promotion I believe we are not unfamiliar, many companies are doing, now talk about my personal experience and mentality, I hope to give you some help.

always listen to the video to the verb object group, then practice it keywords star fall! In fact as long as we follow the principles of similar word grouping can be, it can be subdivided into brand words, words, words and so on


always thought is the star of keyword bid and dominate the rankings, in fact, the practice that the biggest factor is the ratio of the. So just to test their selling point which is attractive, the click rate is high, no hits creative delete, re write the user to compare the selling point of love.

keyword is very important,

5, account update is very important in

creative writing, so no matter from the perspective of the user experience, the system still love Shanghai bidding for keywords sentence will help improve the click rate.

here are a few points I summed up:

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