How Shanghai Longfeng work arrangements in the Mid Autumn Festival National Day Golden Week

before and after the holiday

outside the chain of this question is very difficult, seemingly not what automatic release of the chain, mass software except, so here suggest in the holiday before and after multiple points the chain, during the holidays can also only then, can not be delayed a few days, for the stability of the station, station, a few days do not the chain is small.

content updates usually artificial daily content editing and publishing, and to the holiday, nor our editors continue to engage in, but also to the holiday, so how to solve the problem? You can use the automatic release function to solve, if your site can not let technology the development of a gadget on the line, some websites are automatic release function, before the holiday holiday to let the editor is good, then every time the automatic release.

Shanghai Longfeng work is ongoing, if you stop long time will affect the site ranking. Is going to come a long holiday, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day golden week, how to arrange the reasonable Shanghai dragon during the holiday, ensure the website ranking stable, Suzhou Shanghai dragon has the following suggestions.

3, the chain can be released in

some Shanghai dragon friends very careless, even the server and domain name expired do not know, then just hit the left behind the holiday more, wait until the holidays came back, suddenly found that the site has more than one week can not access, see in the rankings, no, this is a tragedy! Due out besides, it is best to use the server monitoring SMS notification, super monitor this function, recommend the use of.

1, ensure that the web server and the domain name to maintain stable operation of

2, holiday website content to be updated daily as usual

during the holiday

if the company license, can arrange duty to site, if there is estimated to Shanghai Longfeng supervisors to work hard, after all, he is in charge of the site, if the accident, or to find your boss.

is the best of these preparations, the site should be safe through the holiday, I hope everyone’s website after the holiday still has good rankings.

4, arrange duty

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