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site optimization ranking is every webmaster are most concerned about the issue, but how can we do the site’s ranking? I think this is the webmaster concern. Today, I will put some of his own experience and experience to share with you, hope to help you!

keywords, railway station, in order to improve the website weight, but also to flow and ranking, you can find some of the smaller competitive keywords to do, is the long tail word, this can be a good effect in a short period of time, every time to update, if your content is good, and timely updates, search engine spiders points the habit every day this time came to your site, you can update the snapshot every day on time, it does not take a long time to have a good ranking!

The most important

fourth, Links is an important site optimization important condition, can go to the forum for links to the information, or is looking for in the group, it is best to do similar links, we must carefully check whether these links have dead link or drop the right links do Links, if not do not affected by search engine punishment right down.

second, website content, first page appearance, advertising content to the original emission is reasonable, the best of the majority, increase the readability of the visitors, a web content acquisition too much, is not conducive to the website optimization, to enable visitors to have a good experience, it is also an important factor to obtain a high PV. It is a manifestation of visitor loyalty.

The first column, optimization of

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fifth, buy a link, here not much said, the rapid rise of the ranking is also very good condition. Note: not a short period of time, suddenly a massive increase in import links. Because this will be search engine that you are sending links, search engines will be considered cheating.

batch can raise some blogs, forums, the premise is you plenty of time every day, according to the amount of some of the content on your site, then take a link, so you can get the chain, and can have good traffic, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. The forum or website can also go to some weight high leave your links, attract love Shanghai spiders crawl, is conducive to search engine included, good can write soft yourself, if the content is well written words, was reproduced out, is that you do not spend effort to increase the chain help others you.


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