Do high effect chain to keep pace with the times

website are not naturally derived from natural link, link not only has correlation, but also has the advantages of practicality, on the user’s browsing will not hinder. If you do the single link, single anchor text and the correlation is not high, that this link is natural link. We in the optimization of the web site, the promotion of the link must not be too single, not only do the home page link optimization, link optimization, can also be used in short column page, as long as the link is more natural diversification. At the same time, the nature of the link is not only to make the search engine can not be found, also do not allow users to find.

user experience

love Shanghai is getting more and more attention to the user experience, as a webmaster, of course, can not be ignored, based on optimized to also take into account the user’s browsing experience. First of all, this link is useful to the user, when the user through the links and links to find something said, if the link is shown in the painted 2 HD movies, the user clicks on the go after only the movie footage, this is undoubtedly to deceive users. Secondly, this link to the propagation characteristics of the larger, the user will have the willingness to reprint articles. Finally, in order to make links more user attention, that when writing text links will choose from a wide range of titles, this invisible link to get the number of clicks will be increased.

the webmaster do external links, as long as the site is allowed to do, then do not hesitate to do it, but such links for corresponding positions release plate release of the crowd, so the effect is very little. If so, might as well spend some time to find some related forums, find the correlation plate in the relevant forums, and in the relevant sectors for targeted figures such targeted promotion effect is better. First, we find the promotion of user is likely to become the promotion of our target audience, so the audience’s conversion rate will increase, on the other hand, users see the content related to the content, click will be more, the so-called is in businesses and users set up a useful bridge.

two, natural




in addition, high effect of external links we also pay attention to the selection of the promotion positions, some forum included not stable, appear to change radically situation, actually this is very adverse to the promotion, so we should choose the forum of high popularity and included stable, and other platforms, quiz platform, library and Encyclopedia are we.

love Shanghai algorithm in the update, the user’s needs are changing, when these require the webmaster do external links should also be appropriate to change strategy. Although the owners may need to change the strategy to spend more time, but the effect is better than the absolute, you can do so much. Do high effect of external links keywords is to pay attention to relevance, nature and user experience.

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