Share some website ranking two months from scratch

already and share the new PR from 0 to 3 some of the feelings, and everyone today say that on some share ranking. In fact, the website wants to put some short-term competitive keywords ranking of the first three pages, need some chocolate, especially the site age time in front of the long, high weight, optimizing the overall strength of the team is very strong, ranking is in fact and their team in the battle. Although our website age just half a year, in fact from the website to complete the content of molding but also three months. During this period, to optimize the adjustment time is only two months. In such a short period of time, in the first three pages to reveal a face, it is very difficult. However, through the efforts of all people concerned (not a battle), and ultimately to achieve goals in the first three pages of all keywords. Recall that there are some worthy and share content, although is not what, but the same time efficiency has improved a lot.

We all know that

actually, I used to say that the high quality the chain, in addition to the rest of the Links, such as forums, blogs, bookmarks, soft and so on. But these resources which is of high quality, maybe a lot of people know, many do not know. We need to explore these are accumulated in the process of practice, the. Of course, we all know it is part of the paid resources. But anyway, you must match the types and resources to your website, take out, in the premise of the best, the effect will be better. Before that need to pay a lot of registered resources are shunned, but there are a lot of resources is very good.

released the chain resources

High quality

has recently been doing enterprise website promotion optimization work, because the website promotion has not been settled, the basic work is to do the internal content construction and website ranking optimization. I have the website industry competition is very fierce, the first five pages are the weight of the site. However, in less than two months, regardless of weight ranking or website growth are beyond my prediction.

is looking for high quality Links

of high quality content, everyone will think of original content. In fact, now the information is so advanced, we do not have every day, so every day is about brains, tired out, did not write a few articles. So, we want to be able to organize content, to be refined. The premise is that we cannot copy, not tort, this is the minimum moral >

high quality content

Links role in the chain, but if Links can find high weight and is the same site, the whole point of the upgrade is still very useful. Although the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted, but as long as the screening, often find the problem, there is a problem on replacement. Don’t be linked each other due to the friendship affected, this ability is a mutual benefit.

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