Study of structure optimization in Shanghai dragon URL

first, URL has three elements:


then some people may ask, "hyphen" in URL to use hyphens? Can be used here, do not recommend other symbols, such as underline "_". In the search engine "-" is the representative of the meaning of space.

as you can see, now love Shanghai, Google and many mainstream search engines can intelligent recognition of the alphabet, URL we can use pinyin instead. But here does not advocate direct use of Chinese, because some search engines like YAHOO is not supported by the Chinese.

but here we should pay attention to a problem in Shanghai, English Longfeng, URL contains the key words is very necessary, the Chinese Shanghai dragon? This is translated into English or Pinyin?

I’ll give you an example.

3.URL contains keywords, this is my key to say.

especially in English words, it is best to use a hyphen "-", or between words and words may be ambiguous, it is not recommended for use in pinyin inside. In my previous discussion of the "small and medium enterprises" the humanized management as an example. Pinyin is tantaozhongxiaoxingqiyederenxinghuaguanli, we used to love Shanghai search.


1. short enough, is conducive to the spread of.

Shanghai dragon is a very complicated work, there are a lot of details. Optimize today Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Gu Huiming and we explore URL website in Shanghai Longfeng process.

2. stable for a long time, the need for me to say.

let’s see an example, search Shanghai dragon love Shanghai.

pinyin is very long, but love can still recognize Shanghai. Here is a question, Pinyin is too long, the user experience is reduced, some people may feel that the middle of a hyphen "-" will be better, at a glance. Tan-tao-zhong-xiao-xing-qi-ye-de-ren-xing-hua-guan-li


< >

we can see in the title and description are described in the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon bold in URL, but in fact this is not rosy, like, is not only the bold red rosy algorithm for beauty. From this point, URL contains keywords can give Shanghai dragon points.


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