Precise positioning of group of visitors can let visitors come again

ranked third and fourth respectively for the forum site, we still to discuss these forum portal visitor groups. These visitors may be Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, practitioners, or just want to use the forum to release the chain of visitors etc.. So, we can see the Shanghai dragon forum visitors certainly not less than the webmaster tools and love Shanghai encyclopedia. So why do these platforms will place behind them? The author may have the following reasons:

we take this keyword as an example of Shanghai dragon. As shown below, we can see the love in Shanghai search results in the top few were webmaster tools, search forum, love Shanghai encyclopedia, there is a Zac blog. Here we have visitors groups accurately according to the several web site map in the site to talk about.

the first is love Shanghai Wikipedia content, it comes to love Shanghai encyclopedia, a lot of people are very familiar with, most do not understand Shanghai dragon or some beginners will enter into this page, at the same time, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love brand authority advantage, will make many search first choose him. Furthermore it is love related products in Shanghai, to top in the first place there is a certain relationship.

The precise localization of We can see from the

Forum 1, lost the original purpose of communication, a lot of garbage outside.

webmaster tools how to locate the group of visitors, and to keep visitors according to location. This forum friends should be a lot of analysis, how to keep the visitor strategy for your visitors. We can release a micro-blog for the visitors, or regularly organize activities and so on, the more different strategy to visitors to share.

for the love of this product or the Shanghai encyclopedia person admire his optimization method, can accurately locate their own group of visitors, visitors to fully tap the power, allowing visitors to continuously improve its content, the most important point is that the spam filtering is very strict, so that his visitors experience quality upgrade.

in search results second is the webmaster tools, we know the use of webmaster tools must be the webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng employees, these employees every day by the data analysis tools, such as webmaster tools with a high rate of return visitors, at the same time, we can see the webmaster tools a more complete species rich, it also greatly increases the viscosity of visitors. At the same time, we can see that with the continuous expansion of the number of relevant website, webmaster tools usage will undoubtedly improve.

group of visitors, visitors to the definitive answer, so that visitors will come again. We all know that the search engine for the visitors, and we are through the search engine this platform will show visitors to our website. And this is precisely to our website construction. We do not only want to make us more popular search engine visitors favorite groups.

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