Sharing website also ranked Shanghai one or two love and Google experience

keyword in Google as the "big brother" for half a year. Google brings relatively little traffic, but ranked first orders to bring no less. So we like e-commerce sites, regardless of how much money the ranking, is advantageous, because the electronic commerce website is to sell their products, this is my purpose. Google ranked according to my main blog and forum, together with the update, Google ranked first, I did not do Links. Blog updated daily 20 article, nearly 40 day Forum promotion, home in three months. I am the first half year, I do a lot of forum. As the top 100 thousand in the forum and forum signature, the soft chain spread, Google ranking is up. You can try to figure out, but don’t attack behavior.

, a Google share ranking experience



for the Google home page, I almost spent about half the time ranking. You can search in Google keyword "Viagra" in the official website of Google ranked first, "Viagra" Google keyword ranked second as shown in figure

since November 26th after the update, the site has been rising ranking, see more and more weight. I love Shanghai for optimization to do what events. I always adhere to a better.

two, Shanghai ranked

I site optimization experience sharing here, the key in the love of Shanghai ranked second, Google ranked first. Many webmaster know love Google and Shanghai are two different search engines, some in Google ranking, not necessarily in Shanghai ranking, some sites ranked in love Shanghai, not necessarily in the Google ranking. Today I am here to share, while Google and love Shanghai rankings are very good experience. Compared to the Google ranking, with most of the webmaster know Google optimization is relatively easy to do, but to optimize the love of Shanghai. We also know that Google is very stable, unlike the "big aunt often love Shanghai".

for the love of Shanghai often update there is truth. I recently found out that love is a kind of optimization of Shanghai current law, Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and even there are some small movements. Just like yesterday I had a station, site in the first page, the morning of the second day in second, domain home page snapshot also back, ranking dropped, so I judge this station right down, so there will be some small Shanghai week day change.

since Google ranked first, but cannot meet the pursuit of my. Because Google ranking is too easy, no challenge, as of March this year, the optimization goal slowly moved to Shanghai Shanghai to love love optimization, optimization, I spent nearly 8 months ranking up. The "Viagra" in the official website in Shanghai ranked second, "Viagra" keyword ranking fifth as shown in figure

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