Personal summary keywords Shanghai dragon optimization basic skills


today to talk about the basic skills of keyword optimization.

said resolution, do Shanghai dragon friends are not unfamiliar, with the "Wuhan website", can be split into "the site of the company of Wuhan where home is best", "Wuhan network company website is the best one that forms", so different, in article, can be applied to the link line this paper, in order to increase the keyword density and not frequently caused by the illusion of target keywords to stack keywords. Keywords split recommendation should follow the following points:

reasonable tail echo

3, intermediate band

1-2, the middle resolution minimize the amount of text keywords to keep resolution keyword proximity.

changes can be a form of the whole article, may be a paragraph of text, or even a word, if the key is to increase the resolution mechanism of the keyword density, then the form of keywords is to increase the degree of change of related articles, the article makes a better search engine to determine to become excellent original articles.

1-1, the middle resolution keywords try not to sign.

Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords The change of

rumors, the search engine spiders are beginning to crawl from the beginning of the end, so the original article must appear key words, I think this is right, if neglected in the middle of the content, focus on the end effect is not responsible for the performance of the article. So, I >

change form style a lot, as I’ve written an article, a word is to be soft, is mainly talked about, if a sentence that extended into a paragraph, and doesn’t seem cumbersome, and can add soft paper elements to achieve the purpose of advertising.

changes form, like writing students, as long as the center of thought as the core, and then start to talk about, it is easy to be extended into more than 1000 articles, the premise is the author need to read a lot of thought and similar articles, and for each article can have their own judgment, then the output of this kind of thought that nature can become a good article.

1, split mechanism.

2, in the form of keywordsKeywords

wrote a few days about love Shanghai SEO Tucao Wen, recorded this time by optimizing means, love Shanghai for total performance of the site, K has been repeatedly repeated right down, is of no interest to the right direction, but there are a lot of buddy is also strongly support I put this station to do so, to exchange a lot of superior quality and is related to the domain of Links, and brother and even the related domain high weight website background directly to me, you are going to toss, you do it, do the webmaster I tears ah, an important juncture or have a buddy support, otherwise much hurt ah.

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