Love is a key index to identify Shanghai mining website traffic

Love is love Shanghai Shanghai

in accordance with the heat partition, love Shanghai index into a popular word and new words, popular word is deeply ingrained and net heart words, and words that are emerging with the social progress by the rise of the word, such as previous Fengjie, now the mistress and so on words, a word classification can well distinguish what words can bring traffic to your website, here we talk about:

The first point to identify

love Shanghai index: see the selected word index is stable when we use love Shanghai index of this tool, if there is a word index displays a drop-down box on the page, and the drop-down box can see whether the stability index of Shanghai love. We will put the mouse in the box, through the movement of the mouse to observe the wavy route love Shanghai word index, if a keyword line down, the gap is particularly large, so this word is very likely to be some software tools out of the brush, do not have the mining value flow. There are some words today have index index, and the interval of one day and no index, this word can also be said that the user is not stable or brush out, this word also does not have the mining value flow.

index third points: love Shanghai region, a good love Shanghai index word should have multiple regional sources of support, such as "make money online" this word, we can see the love of Shanghai index search words staff across all provinces, it can be seen that the word has a good user search. Some words are software brush, we can see through the index of regional search terms are concentrated in one to two provinces, most of the words do not have the mining value.

index name search engine search index products, many webmaster in the choice of website title and keywords are decided to choose the word love Shanghai reference index website title and keywords. Can say Shanghai is closely related to the development index and the website, many traffic sources of Web site have love Shanghai index, with the software and tools developed, there are many studios and find a way to brush love Shanghai index words, following several methods of identification can explain the webmaster Shanghai index is true love, hope that the webmaster can be used in the future on the road of the site.

love Shanghai index second points: Related search terms related to the search term represents a word by the attention, the more relevant search words that the long tail flow, this word can bring to the site even more. When many webmaster site keywords in the title and decided to only pay attention to the highest degree of concern these words but ignore the relevance of the search term, in fact the correlation search word is the key to attract traffic, a good index of the word should have at least three relevant related words, so that it can explain this word has a certain value of mining, and a lot of the time index words some software brush brush only a subject, an association of words are not, such words can be said also do not have the value of.

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