The local hospital website how to solve the low amount of consultation

analysis to help him end ", finally got onto the site they have been down right there is no way to restore, A5 actually do the bidding bidding advice to all friends, to do the natural ranking website must and auction website, some people say that the Internet auction will affect the natural ranking, especially to stop when the bidding effect is very obvious, perhaps this is the case, but the A5 team is considering bidding on the other hand, due to the love Shanghai accounts policies keep changing, and account for the use of the process, love Shanghai Beijing headquarters will often check your website title and account information and application information is consistent, in fact many of the sites are not consistent, love Shanghai will not stop to let you modify, not modify it will stop your account and your auction page will change, but also adverse to optimize So, we still do the bidding website and natural ranking web operations separately! Well said this! Welcome to the exchange, if in doubt, you can.

In fact, the problems immediately!

for the account of the problems is not complicated, but they will not go to the hospital to report data analysis, most data report is very important, why we should pay attention to it? Give an example, account the keywords quality degrees down to see what many people know to see the click rate, see what does the keyword click rate, click rate?? I think keyword hits can not solve the problem, this time to see the creative report! Where you will find the answer

the customer asked me, do I need to change the landing page, always feel the recent consultation, the effect is not good, sometimes the consumption good, not many people consult. Many hospital sites are the existence of this situation, after bidding on the page, on the business not to adjust, they think the page look still very satisfied, after meeting to discuss the results is the best, until a problem occurs when to think it will not be a problem? The problem is basically the landing page, whether the information activities or discounts in the landing page must be updated frequently, inside the button text style to change the time and see! These subtle changes little overall impact on the auction page, but visitors may have effect! We must test, repeated testing!


yesterday asked the friend A5 bidding team (贵族宝贝ppc.admin5贵族宝贝), consulting the two day of my website is particularly low, the increase of consumption is less competitive, keywords? Now the keywords with the no one point, I asked him, you see the data report of what you know about that day’s show keywords to understand the situation? The keywords ranking? This picture can explain some of the problems, the keyword is a show, but he is not very good rankings, caused no keyword hits. Key words must be monitored, can solve

There is a hospital


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