The survival time of the blog profit = the operator

A put love Shanghai advertising alliance

blog, this is a very difficult thing, because the independent blog is a web site, and to those things about tangled love Shanghai, love what to do to make Shanghai better collected and so on limit us, sometimes to see a good article, not immediately. Because if the acquisition of the article too much love will be Shanghai that is a collection station, K station also can hardly be avoided, but they can experience love Shanghai so many K station is not down, thanks to their original tenacity! So in daily blog writing, we should pay attention to what the problem?

The development environment of

website profit things:

E Taobao customers, another

I think a lot of friends in the independent blog career, thinking more of the money is not to share feelings or something, it is easy to understand, after all, money is needed to feed themselves, this is the real thing, but a blog in the process of operation, if too much care about the money. If so, its development road is really not too far. Because in a sense the blog’s profit channel is really very narrow, after all is not the specialized service site, sales will definitely have their own limitations. So the star memories here and all that a website profit is all we want to reach the heights, but the content is always the basic survival of the blog, just when your blog is more and more full of money, if the content of re just passable, that’s how many people will continue to pay attention to your blog? Think about this problem, grasp what measure is still very good.

Write a

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D writing

about the source of those things:

F to promote themselves, say you are a designer, you can use blog to open a personal brand, with a single

independent blog, I think no one can say clearly, because when the surrounding friends are saying in the development of independent blog age, we still see Lu Songsong, a power to maintain a very high viscosity, but one indisputable fact is that behind the popular blog dressed countless independent the blog have vanished and his dilemma, has insisted for 3 years, 3 years to my blog this experience is not flow, income and rankings of several data can be reflected, and they are able to adhere to the 3 years, it also has its own experience.

C sells advertising website

G and other aspects of the business, the key by the blogger yourself

B sale link, but not linked websites and servers

On the transformation is actually flow

A wrote the article must be combined with.

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