Shanghai Longfeng experience West YALG’keyword selection strategy of Shanghai dragon whole cabinet

West YALIG’whole cabinet official website 贵族宝贝xiyalijia贵族宝贝. This domain name is to do with their own brand of Chinese Pinyin, and their own business industry "the whole cabinet" not what relevance, how to let customers can remember their own name? All in the website keywords, need to do a department is similar to the "West YALIG’whole cabinet official net", "West" such as YALIG’ keyword. Direct entry into their own brand.

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the two words are very close, but from the data, the two extremes is. The new tenant ratio are the same, but the "join the cabinet" keywords bounce rate is obviously higher than the former, and the length of visit no data, that is the point of the go directly after the jump, the average page access only one page. The comparison is not difficult to see, the landing page for the use of "cabinets to join" the keywords.


or more edges of two words for example, "join the cabinet" although in our opinion is a post verb words, the common life is not. But whether it is from the data or the actual life, the post verb words is welcome for visitors. A group of keywords such as "is also the custom furniture" and "custom furniture" I did in the past. Whether from Shanghai or Shanghai love love index included page, the former is better than the latter. This tells us that in the choice of keywords, to consider the visitor access habits, understand how he is to find the content they want in the search engine, sometimes to convert the role, assuming that you are a visitor.

keyword selection strategy three: analysis of visitor habits to choose keywords

Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon

keyword selection strategy two: looking for "high efficiency" keywords by

Shanghai dragon

keyword selection strategy a: see the domain name and the industry related degree of search engine optimization keywords

here only the data obtained "high efficiency" keywords how to analyze, to introduce how to obtain these data. I have two sets of data:

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