Shanghai dragon Er analysis site of the disappearance of YAHOO data decide on what path to follow

Yahoo now! Site Explorer shut down, resulting in a lot of chain analysis tools are not used, such as Chinaz, Cao Shangfei, the webmaster tools are not able to check, because they are called YAHOO, and now replaced by the tools there are many, such as the tools of Shanghai dragon Moz Majestic Site, Explorer, opensiteexplorer, English these tools can be used to query the chain data:

As a webmaster



recently love Shanghai has updated the site keywords have not changed much, but the one thing that might make many webmaster have been depressed for a long time, that is the YAHOO link disappeared, many webmaster analysis of a website is good or bad, YAHOO link is the main reference data, because YAHOO link chain is to anchor the main text outside the chain, directly affect the keywords ranking, on the other hand, when we analyze the competitor’s website, it can be analyzed from the YAHOO link, to see if they are where the hair of the chain, it also links according to the weight of the arrangement, it is convenient to the people.


but English tool for many of my friends use it less convenient, can only be translated to understand, those tools with restrictions, in addition to the free query number has some limits the number of queries is limited, the use of these tools must be used to facilitate the use of point charges. Of course, in addition to these tools, there are some free, people think it is good, the chain that is love station analysis tools, he is also with the previous YAHOO chain analysis tools, list only the first 1000 links:

chain data disappear for the webmaster is a not small "loss", also produced a lot of mistakes to do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends, such as some novice will ask: "YAHOO outside the chain of tools has been cancelled, the station link is not lost?", actually YAHOO chain data only to provide a reference to our values, to do.

Although YAHOO


Majestic Site Explorer:

on the Internet rapidly changing times, and I think we should continue to accumulate and collect data, when there is no way to find someone else to analysis the data, whether you can deal with an easy job to do? If there are a lot of resources we have, so we certainly do not have to worry about this; we do the game industry station. There are a large number of the chain resources in our hands, we can easily do outside the chain, and the relationship between the people, others will also share a lot of resources to you, it can easily cope with.

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