Talk about the fatal mistake love Shanghai original algorithm

produced a lot of topics, but also love them when the baby in Shanghai. On the other hand, a lot of practical content station, and did not get traffic. More and more of the original content is not interested. This long to live, love Hailai to survive, especially fine content would be less.

(1) of the so-called brand is Shanghai station, love them as a dry son. What they can join the original spark program automatically, they account for the position of the front rank. The station did not really content, only some small row. But what is the result? The love is Shanghai’s hopes of original content more and more more and more good?? on the contrary. I think, copy the content of the others, can get a lot of traffic? Do you think there are many brands stand to do content will? Take a minute effort to earn ten dollars and spend per cent effort to earn ten dollars, I believe most people are choosing the former. In fact, such a situation. Many stations not generated content, but the content is reproduced or user he made. Do you think the user gives you free content, will give the original to you? It is a lot of duplication.

these two sites, one is love love Shanghai station, brand station, do not you see now search most of the content, the first page is shown in this station? And another station is not high quality chain, content acquisition. The layout is not good, a lot of illegal advertising. Not to mention the user experience is good. But it is still a title search, in front of me in the back.

caused the consequences of this is that the first love Shanghai brand and small sites to treat the difference between. As well as some of the feudal society, the emperor Lao Tzu as long as these people have the right to make good money, poor people who cares? Local people’s money grab is none of my business. The node >

The cause of

has such a title, the title is not to do list, but to think of myself as a little from the point of view of the webmaster, the original love Shanghai algorithm is fatally flawed.

and I had a thought like

rows site content

found that recently on the two website to check what time. These two sites are the original content of the website, make several editors write content. Whether from the website user experience or from the contents of the original point of view, are not bad. But nearly a year has been the half-dead flow. Used to think of their own station others should not be reproduced, did not add copyright information content. But last month in the content and copyright information after the inspection, found two station flow up an important reason, is the site content is almost entirely reproduced. Zai Zai pain. The search content title, do not see the epitome of the first

from my experience about

is this love Shanghai called Li Peng original? Is this time feeling, will no longer be original, the original is the wedding dress for others.

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