Shanghai Longfeng experts how to treat in 2013

Shanghai dragon should do, because in the end will follow up and search has become part of the Shanghai dragon do, this has been the case from the vision become normal, so the company is no longer just Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon company.

2013 Shanghai dragon didn’t like, for example, Shanghai dragon direction from pure technical level to pay more attention to human factors, and semantic strategies, social strategies and action strategy, diversification strategy has been more important than last year, let us look at the Shanghai dragon expert opinion

(2) changes in Shanghai Longfeng nature of the company will begin to ferment, about the situation as we say ~ Shanghai Longfeng direction from pure technology level to pay more attention to human factors, is the technical operation of Shanghai dragon already is the most basic project, your website can not expect these basic operations can bring search ranking and search traffic. So the term Shanghai dragon will be unlimited expansion, or simply give up, that is after 2013 Shanghai dragon has not be the previous Shanghai dragon, he might have been site optimization, plus ZMOT, plus any kind of inbound marketing strategy.


(1) noble baby will launch more vertical type (noble baby Vertical) services, such as a particular type of service Flights, aristocratic nobility baby baby Shopping and so on, this kind of service not only affects the user’s habits, will also impact the ecological industry. This kind of change for Shanghai dragon is your enterprise to participate in the vertical search? Your business may profit in this kind of service? The most obvious is the enterprise website for semantic web site programming and local Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

In fact, this is not the original

(3) website for users is not just the site, due to the social networking site, began to pay attention to the site of the brand and the real sound, is "human" users more accustomed to the website, the people behind the website must to stand out, the website brand story must face the readers. This is a challenge for many enterprises website, how to make the enterprise website is no longer the product catalog, how to make the brand behind the embodiment of brand spokesperson, allowing users to face the real people.

and FTC recently released the results of the investigation for the noble baby, the baby is not considered aristocracy for content vertical search services in favour of their own, but also makes the baby more noble in a place where there is no one in the promotion of vertical type service.

but we must emphasize that it is not a technical Shanghai dragon useless, but the technique is not the key to win the Shanghai dragon, because everyone will, no one would be. For example, if you are using Authorship Markup in your noble baby, is more than other conditions.

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