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for Internet users, the search has become a habit. When the potential consumer users to find their own products or services, the habit of searching for search engine. Therefore, for the supply of various products and services of the website group, keyword selection is a key part of the mining business. Can choose keywords is not an easy thing, need to consider many factors. Keywords such as whether to fit with their own web site, and as the target customers will search what kind of words? And whether there are some keywords can affect the potential customers for the preference of similar products, which led to these more potential customers demand? Obviously, want to choose quasi keywords, hard work is essential. Through the above mentioned, I hope you can more clearly understand the importance of doing SEM, keyword selection. Next, the author takes the domestic search engine boss love Shanghai as an example, talk about how to find reasonable accurate keywords.

1. brand word. The term refers to the brand can reflect the strength of the brand name of the word. General customers search brand words with a strong purpose, so the brand word keywords essential SEM. But it is worth noting that, do not use other brands, so the user’s intention is not you. "

the author cited a comparison to the official definitions described: the promotion of the bidding process refers to the main site to tap the potential customers of the word and sentence, keywords in the search engine, and even the symbol. When the trigger search behavior, keyword search engine will automatically select the fit according to the system program, and for advertising display in the search results. To love Shanghai for promotion as an example, which is the main site keywords in Shanghai phoenix nest system in the filed of words and sentences. Users in the search site and submit the Shanghai love word and sentence, when the main site ads will appear in the search results in the love of Shanghai.

however, good keywords still has some similarities, the author will talk about the four kinds of SEM bidding keywords.


in Shanghai abundant sex promotion expenses for promotion, advice be provided good word. The prompt, is as much as possible to submit keywords associated with their products, in order to get more opportunities, quickly upgrade the display quantity and amount of consultation, so sales will naturally have a breakthrough up. Put a good word, then try to choose their own products and provide related words, namely to more user psychology to consider vocabulary. For example, you are taking the domain name, the user search word is how to resolve the domain name, so that the search so users have registered the domain name, so the possibility to register the domain name he the search basic is very small.

SEM? SEM scanning electron microscope abbreviation, namely, search engine marketing. This said SEM specified in the love of Shanghai and Google bidding promotion. But what is for the promotion of

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