Shanghai Longfeng case study two buy Network


related domain has 528 anchor text, needless to say, certainly a lot of.

these three points for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are the basic common sense, love shopping done in this area is also very good, not what to say, and then look down, the only thing to note is that we do like this in the long tail word when keywords and description had their own definition of what, not through the program call.


title and H1 tags, but did not find the H2 label, the author thinks that add some H2 tags properly or better.


here is we see through the search source code page picture.

can be seen from the figure page directly to the page link, this advantage need not I wordily, pages directly share the first page of the weight, the weight of the longer accumulated higher. Here he used the "cosmetics" as the anchor text, should be the need for page appearance, if the "cosmetics list" is even more perfect.

these are external factors, internal factors of the "look at what are the merits of

then we love Shanghai in the search box enter the URL of the




a commonplace talk of an old scholar

then we "cosmetics list" as an example to everyone love shopping network in the next analysis. The first to analyze the web site posted 贵族宝贝maigoo贵族宝贝/maigoo/017hzp_index.html

to title, keywords, description

an article to analyze the optimization case of Bo Po mall, are interested can take a look, here is a case of shopping guide website: love shopping network. First off, does not involve the website weight analysis here, because of the weight of a website is not a short period of time can be improved, takes time. While the other hand basically we can still do a short period of time, such as content, structure etc.. First of all to the web site posted here is through love stand some of the basic data obtained


page in the content of the content is extremely rich, meet the love of Shanghai and users for the rich content of demand, looking down from the first list of the top 7 list, a navigation bar in the middle part, we call it related reading. >

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