The exchange of high quality Links 10 points

The number of

4, the proportion of articles included: open the other side of the site, to see how many articles, how many search engine included articles included higher proportion, more representative of the original, the weight is not too low, check, recently published articles are included, can use Adsense tools inquires the day the number included. If it is a collection of articles, the articles included are generally small, the latter will be slowly removed.

< > The frequency of updates

, 1 links: we look under the other number of links when changing a link, if there are more than 50 is best not to exchange, because the site average allocation to export links, the more links are derived, we got the weight value is low, besides, influence of other export links so it is very vulnerable to other stations.

7, the old station: an old station in Shanghai love give weight is very good, so is the best choice, the longer the site better.

2, relevant website: when we find the best to find the same industry website. For example, your site theme is to lose weight, do not go to change with the Wangzhuan, car class, so the effect is not ideal, you can find a female class site to exchange.

Don’t check Links

6, home home: love Shanghai site command search, see home whether in the first or the home page, if your website site is not the first home page or home page, it means that the other website may be down the right, in order not to hurt yourself, do the best and this kind of stand for.

for half a year, many problems have been found today under examination, K, have the right to be reduced, for a problem, notice for offline processing. Here, by the way, how to find high quality Links, when choosing Links we must be patient, the pursuit of quality is the best, the most important thing is to link after friendship is the best. Here are ten standards:

3, website snapshot: the new website snapshot on behalf of the station’s spiders crawl frequency than the snapshot slow enough, choose the best time to choose the type of site change.

8, website: why is this point? If a station, not updated frequently, on behalf of the station is not how I work on my station, not to mention the good that station, so it is also very important, choose the best time to each other every day to update the station.

5, the query keyword ranking: key can search the web page ranking, recommended here with your love station network, this tool is also good, you can query to a lot of keywords ranking, keyword ranking will be better, ranking weight is certainly not bad to go. Some snapshots, included the number of good, with a long tail word ranking did not pay special attention to, can also direct the search for it is not displayed in the title of the article, first, on behalf of the weight of this station is very low, or drop right.

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