Short URL is not suitable for use in the dragon in Shanghai

in search of a microfilm platform over the link, that is simply not click, and put the normal link, it is a clickable. So on this platform is not appropriate.

as above, can be very good to the original site is hidden, but when you click some short URL, or can jump to the original web page. This approach is not suitable for in order to increase the site outside the chain, only when the traffic increases. So when we know the link left on the platform, in order to avoid every time the same link, you can through the web site to link blocked micro risk.


said the short URL, is no stranger to me, because as early as micro-blog out there. But do not know the short URL is how to generate the original already many tools can generate short URL, which is accessible to my recent genius. Love Shanghai, short URL is in the form of short. Usually use ASP or PHP to. The short URL can be used to replace the original long short URL URL, short URL to more easily share links. But in the Shanghai dragon er’s eyes, he has other uses

2, easy to create a feeling of distrust to the user. The following figure


but it is really useful? Personally feel that this is not desirable, mainly

so that the individual is not suitable for short. We regard him as the Shanghai dragon.


3, these short URLs cannot form direct clickable links.


on the network.

This is my


A lot of phishing sites is a combination of characters like this is a mess to


compared the above 3, the front is the same, just a few characters behind the changes, the short URL sent to the same platform, whether there will be repeated. Too many questions?

what is the use? For example, we want to post links in a platform, if released several times, will be blocked. Some, but not to the site, just like in Shanghai or in love know Soso Ask can not be made too much of the link, areblocked that how to do it. Short URL play a role. Use a short URL microfilm tool, the original URL into an unrelated short URL

for several reasons.

1, according to the short URL microfilm out the first half of basically the same, but there are a lot of string out of order, specific can see

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