Dalian Qingfeng Shanghai Longfeng share in Shanghai know to do some idea of the chain

now does have a lot of methods to increase the external links, which requires us to practice in the website optimization to discover and summarize, when the chain must first collect some websites, forums, blogs and other resources, which can send the chain, which can not be issued, so when the website promotion, some to summarize the current document, everyone should know that several methods are quite popular: knowledge quiz website, forum, classified information, write text, exchange Links, web site directory outside the chain, the chain network Abstract bookmark today I focus mainly in the knowledge quiz website to do some when the chain of small idea.

half a year ago when I do the chain in Shanghai love to know, very easy, look at now a no one, before reading an article how to link in Shanghai love know, is when answering questions such as their own. Hide baidu贵族宝贝/ www.***贵族宝贝.cn/ or hi.baidu/www.***贵族宝贝.cn/, so the method is very good, but sometimes good, sometimes bad, so I have every test, I use an account level three to answer the question, easy to use. But with the number five to answer, is not good. If I change the other three account and I was out over the wall, do not use when answering questions, maybe I am stupid, ha ha.

Hello, I am the light if the breeze. Thank you for your continued support of my writing, you wrote three articles, the content is about the construction of the chain of some small experience I have accumulated in the work, we want to see if you can go and see before I wrote: "how do the chain site optimization more perfect" "website of the rapid increase of the chain has the best effect of the five methods" "personal experience to share the love of Shanghai encyclopedia created". This article is in my work, they conclude, may say is not particularly deep, but I think if you do Shanghai dragon, then you see the article I wrote you should understand.

knowledge quiz website refers to: ask the Tencent (soso), Sina (Iask), know love love Shanghai (Zhidao), YAHOO knowledge hall (KS), Tianya quiz (Wenda) and Sogou answer (Wenda) so many webmasters with these knowledge to increase the chain the site, at present a lot of quiz websites do not let you leave the link, such as love in Shanghai know, as long as you answer questions. There are circumstances, under submission, instantly put you to write the answer to K off, why? We can’t say about love Shanghai, after all this is somebody else, so let’s say "detour". Here, we analyze a simple love, why Shanghai know instantly put you to write the answer to delete, is your advertising too obvious, and contain sensitive Keywords sense.

Judging from the current The so-called

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