Optimization in this period of time to do the site of the holiday

(you can change the directory name. 01, don’t appear dead links, all 02 directory can not have too much change to replace the individual directory name)

(2) with keywords competition will decrease. (because usually we are doing some outside the chain, such as blogs, exchange links and update the content, but the competition during the Spring Festival will stop, we usually just a little attention will be ranked by other competitors or beyond, there is a lot of floating, and celebrate the new year during this period will be very smooth, even if your site changes after your ranking will be in a stable


(1) of the search engine algorithm will stagnate. (enterprise website with new content and active volume will decline, website optimization is almost at a standstill, basically not in the fierce competition, in this period, the Chinese new year especially love Shanghai algorithm will stop, this time we don’t have to worry about because the algorithm caused ranking floating and great changes because we are likely to change the layout or change the content of keywords is likely to form a big change, but during the Spring Festival, this time will not have too big change)

(1), within the chain:

01, back to the chain (refers to a link to the home page at the bottom of each page)

1, during the new year and adjust the content of the site layout problem

(before all the chain system has been established in weight, each page is within the chain, and the chain is with the accumulation of time constant multiple chain calculation, after the amendment before you all link into the death of open, this time for the the weight of the website will continue to decline, will reduce the search engine on the station’s credit for the program after your content and original content is not too large, the search engine has included the original content, resulting in repeated contents)

02, the link (love in the content with a link to the home page as a target keywords, or do the long tail word, this is a comparison of the typical defects, cheating is excessive optimization).

excessive optimization is reflected in the following 3 aspects:

03, a list of links (such as: medical, talent network, office automation software, a variety of news categories, many links do transfer effects included, influence the content of the page)


(1) program and can not change the path.


(2) can not change the directory path and change directory.

why do we have reason to demand changes in the new website:

2, for website should pay attention to what matters:

(3) during the Chinese new year do not over optimization

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