Let the search engine update algorithm to go to hell

pay more attention to the content of the website, website update, user experience, to increase user stickiness, enhance brand awareness, encourage visitors to interact, improve the conversion rate, which is the real site assets. One with little or no ranking, actually only a small part of the success. One is this, one is the end, what is more important, I believe most English website promotion has clear people. The ranking is a KPI, but is not the most important KPI. Because there are many ways to get traffic to the site, and even keyword advertising can bring a lot of high-quality click, not just rely on search engine rankings, ranking is only a good side.

should we be thinking about a problem: if the foreign trade enterprises rely solely on search engine rankings, so each update arrival will be injured. This day of life is always on tenterhooks, weight is not a member of English website promotion can not afford

: the truth is, you don’t need such a passive. Do not have a line with the search engine algorithm to update the reel right and left on the fence. You only need to do a little — ignore search engine update. It sounds strange, isn’t it? In fact, the essence of the problem is that the search engine is not equal to the internet.


English website promotion need to constantly update self knowledge system, to continue to create value, it has become a tradition. Before the love of Shanghai announced the spark program, Google update, Scindapsus panda and Penguin update update, a lot of friends watched their website ranking fell, but can not do anything. This time if you want to pass some optimization methods, all of a sudden turn things around, it is clearly impossible. Over the years, overseas promotion way including directory submission, article marketing, blog and social media publicity, are each one has his good points in a very long period, and the time will continue to play a role. But the new situation also needs a new change, since it is a search engine and Internet hunfanchi will have to adapt to the changes, the old promotion strategy to correct outdated, especially to gradually give up some of the previous seems to be the truth. This is very painful, but it is a must.

as English website promotion, we constantly strive to keep up with the search engine algorithm and update.

I just mentioned, ignore the update algorithm, not to say that you have been away from the search engine. You know, things are always ahead of the negation of negation in the twists and turns, sooner or later, the pendulum will shake to you on this side, the search engine will be back in favour of your site, because you provide valuable content, good rankings will slowly come back to you. We imagine a search engine in the world, we do not do business? Why don’t we go to the promotion of business? Overseas network promotion expert Jennifer · ryco g said: "I think, if there is no Google this crutch, you may be more focused on improving your business model find more powerful methods of marketing. This means that the search engine is used to help improve your business, and should not be your business risk."

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