Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools rejects malicious chain let site is not garbage outside the chain

has refused to love Shanghai chain we can easily reject junk chain and malicious chain, effective static own site outside the chain to improve their website ranking, but not everyone is too superstitious here we want to show the difference between the love of the chain and Shanghai refused to really delete except chain:

webmaster friends know that a website after the operation for many years there will be a lot of the chain, ranging from a few hundred many thousands or even tens of thousands, and how to effectively manage these chain to prevent their own web site is too much garbage chain dragged down the right face to own all the chain in comprehensive statistics, we often use the previous method is to find the garbage station ask to delete your links, but if the link station can not be contacted, or link your station is competitors deliberately there is no way to delete only earned by the continuous eye looked tired, but as the largest Shanghai launched a search engine love love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain to function can be effectively solved by the love sea right down because garbage outside the chain, here we talk about how to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Refused to junk the chain and malicious chain, is actually very simple, as long as a registered account in the fall in love with the sea and then landing love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝 after the landing into the choice of webmaster tools in the webmaster tools, we can see a large bar analysis of a web site will have a chain analysis in the bar, we first of all to increase their website through love Shanghai certification will own website to love Shanghai webmaster tools, as long as we enter into increased after the analysis of their love was identified by Shanghai chain chain tools, you can find all your site outside the chain, and then to the chain through the list of related the site view of all malicious, garbage, do not think of an important link through each link back to the rejection of the chain link click reject.


second: love only for love outside the chain of Shanghai refused to Shanghai search engine, is not valid for other search engines, he just told.

: the first love Shanghai refused the chain is not equal to you outside of the chain link is deleted from the station, the actual station links your links still exist, he is only for the love Shanghai love Shanghai search engine told the chain is not what I want and I have nothing to do, love Shanghai will chain you to reject not in the calculation you outside of the chain to which does not increase the authority, nor in him right down.

chain is a very important content in website promotion, with a high quality the chain station is easy to get the search engine recognition get good rankings, but if a station has too much garbage outside the chain will be search engine access, especially recently launched love Shanghai Scindapsus the algorithm how to have a high quality of the chain, delete some malicious junk the chain has become many owners have to pay attention to the topic, "Jiangnan dns06贵族宝贝" today the number of website optimization providers as we detailed introduce how to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools refused outside the chain, and related matters needing attention.

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