How to write a business website in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme

Hello, I am a rock. In yesterday’s article: enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of several key problems in the stone summarized several customers the most concern. So how to write business website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme? Today the stone according to an example, make a diagnosis scheme of Shanghai dragon. The stone fell in love with the sea casually looking for a corporate website, in fact, is nothing more than the optimization and diagnosis on the outside of the station website, and targeted keywords in the rankings of the first page of love Shanghai. Look at the following:

1, URL is not standard: common enterprise website ULR there are three main forms, dynamic pages too much, too much, too long, with the parameters of URL URL products or news page without directory in the form of a single page URL. For example: the domain name or domain name /news.php /product.html, this URL is not standard.

3, Links chaos: Enterprise Station for Links is a troublesome problem, want to find the website simple counterparts. But there are many industry peers websites are rare, but the site of the Links are "screens" and related web sites.

included, outside the chain of information is not the ink stone, do Shanghai dragon friends all know how to see. The station is mainly analyzes the situation of website, as for the chain domain you can find lots of resources, resources outside the chain of the most simple way is to follow the competition website to do outside the chain. But resources are similar, it is difficult to exceed the opponent in the chain of resources. The stone look under the site of the station. We found three problems:

the above analysis a competitor’s site, mainly analyzes several problems of the station. Maybe something is not comprehensive enough. The following for these problems make a diagnosis scheme of Shanghai dragon, before writing the program, the stone to a word of advice: "don’t empty talk."


2, the station for a long time without updates: enterprise web content is small, if the product. Basically rely on the news pages included in the site. This website latest news information is added last year, the majority of enterprises are not many products website. The product page is mainly pictures (some great pictures), but the site of the optimization of the picture is good, open pages quickly.


stone is the "screen", search the keywords screen love Shanghai index is 379, and the first is love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia. Stone love Shanghai the keywords the first page of the four is the real competition site, the other six locations are Shanghai encyclopedia, know love love Shanghai. And in the pages of a web site keywords ranking, this is not very difficult. The stone just from the first page of a website to simple analysis:



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