On my three point method of Shanghai Dragon

has done more than 2 years of Shanghai dragon, there is no law to begin to do, think of what you do, is free to do, of course, that time is not related to the Shanghai dragon experience, many do not know where to start, do a good job this forgot to do that a lot of the time, though it is very basic things, but also the details of the very things, but sometimes, the details determine success or failure, now the competition is so fierce, if the details not to beat each other’s words, keywords ranking than the other and from any talk about? So, details are very important. Later, more and more Shanghai Longfeng do, also began to pick some single, from every site of Shanghai Long Fengzhong slowly realized that their own methods and steps of Shanghai dragon, this process should be with steps of most of the methods should be the same, but I believe many of Shanghai dragon is still in confusion people should have some help, because this is my own and I now take the wise remark of an experienced person, most of them are single use the following steps to optimize the.

got a website, I first from the analysis of the structure of the website, if the website structure is TABLE layout, I changed the DIV layout, sometimes if there is too much trouble and I want to be lazy if it simplifies the TABLE layout, do not need TABLE or TR, TD deleted, do not need to delete the JS space, all the code in a file, and then include these structure layout and so on, must be done, a good website structure is very important for Shanghai dragon, if the website structure confused, very messy code, it is not very friendly, for for a spider code, the spider is difficult to grab it to the content, so the website structure this step should first do a good job, only good website structure, the rest can be assured to optimize, of course, Here is the site map to do.


, a web site optimization structure

site structure is done, to love the Shanghai entrance to submit, now began to send the original, the original is essential, you can start a 2 day, 3, number 400 words or so, for some time to write original articles of words is too difficult. Where there are so many ways to write original articles? Of course, pseudo original will not forget, I generally are pure original, and are their own handwriting, not by software, so that the search engine is very friendly, in fact, love Shanghai is a assessment period, in the examination love may not be included in Shanghai period, and after the evaluation period included will be relatively fast. So sometimes if you send a few articles to see the love in Shanghai has not included words must not worry over the assessment period, many things will be much easier and more, this time of the original.

two, the original article released

said so much, so I do Shanghai Longfeng what? Here is about three points, details not form.

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