The trend of independent entrepreneurship has arisen and the upsurge of Chinese style entrepreneurs

I went through something similar to you two years ago, though it wasn’t for the internet. So I will tell you what I think and what I am doing now. I hope I can help you and inspire you.

in the bleak basement of an office building in Northwest Beijing, a group of young people wanting to start business sit around the computer screen, staring intently at the latest prototype software on the screen. A few kilometers away, about 30 managers and entrepreneurs are discussing new products and company ideas at the heat of a basement room with a more heated and apparently more luxurious basement.

background: the top three domestic university computer science graduates majoring in computer for more than a year, this year to do the technical development in the domestic top three Internet Co, to engage in Internet business on the grounds, and father in the industry borrowed 10 million has been credited, the father does not allow me to make investment. He said the need to dry facts, lost on the back of his company to have a good work, I have no interest in his business, he has always wanted me to go to his company exercise, I unilaterally wrote him an IOU before, want to do mobile social networking, Internet Education project project proposal, also my father watched program, he said he did not understand the Internet, think the two one can try he to the management of his company, he only saw gave a piece of advice: don’t illegal. Money can not know how to start, how to start from where, such as team building, such as project startup, such as financial systems and the like.

"Entrepreneurship is a very sexy thing," says Wang Yi, co – founder and chief executive officer of

"Since the X lab was established 18 months ago, 400 start-ups have used its facilities," says Mao Donghui, executive director of the


time back to three years ago, when I just returned home, first in the home company for some time, after a year of work, for various reasons to leave the company. At that time, I had two choices, one was to go to work and go to work; two, I started my own company. For a long time, I decided to start my own company, for the following reasons:

news December 8th, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the Chinese business school students tend to self employment, provide convenient "light" Standford of the Peking University and the Tsinghua University innovation project X Laboratory for such entrepreneurship.

Wu Yuke Amos combined with their own entrepreneurial failure experience, made a wonderful answer:

Wang Yi’s own story is a true portrayal of many new entrepreneurs in china. He went to the United States to study for a Ph. D. degree and returned home after working for two years at shlf1314. He went to work for an Internet Marketing Company in Shanghai. The other two founders who speak English fluently are similar in their experiences. More and more Chinese study abroad, then go back to their own businesses instead of entering traditional large companies.

you can feel the entrepreneurial atmosphere in the humble basement of Tsinghua University. In the X laboratory room, students and alumni of the Tsinghua University and the crowds of angels. They are developing the newest products include electric motor scooter, affordable 3D printers and wearable health monitor.

X laboratory. Of these, 300 are continuing to grow, and more than 30 have received substantial financing. What is more?

Wang Yi said, "obviously, China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is growing trend, the top venture capital companies are looking for young entrepreneurs, the entire supporting ecosystem is also taking shape.". In recent years, companies that have the biggest impact on people’s lives have come from the Internet industry. Behind these companies are inspiring stories of ordinary people who have made great achievements.

, Sohu, IT news,

I think entrepreneurship must be to stay up late, and so old, I can not endure. If I go to the company to work, year after year to repeat the same work, I’m afraid my passion and drive will be away. To go to work can only contact one aspect of the company’s own responsibility, while the company will be able to understand all aspects of the company’s operations in all directions. Can better and faster learning, integration into society.

in October and November, Wang Yi attended the Kindle innovation project at Stanford University, the first time this project has been initiated in china. At the Standford center on the campus of Peking University, 30 entrepreneurs and in-house entrepreneurs are designing business plans that may be hugely successful in the future.

got from dad borrowed 10 million venture fund, understand computer technology, what kind of Internet business projects? This is a problem that almost, but the questioner just graduated from the University for more than a year of work, team building, project and financial system can say is absolutely ignorant of:

start from scratch, high starting point and low profile

I rely on my own examination of the University, but also rely on campus recruitment of domestic one of the BAT work, there is no need to rely on relations to find a job. I do not like my father’s business, nor do I want to inherit his estate.

startups are booming in China, and the two group of people from two different places is the best example. As European and American business schools report, students are becoming more interested in self employment. Chinese business schools also feel their students’ desire for entrepreneurship.

I can ask my father for money, so the most difficult piece of money is not a problem for me. Conditional high starting point into the community, I do not start from the work. So I started >

, a fluent English speaking practice. In 2013, English browsing said it was the only product awarded by Apple as an annual educational application in china.

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