Zhang Shengrong website optimization ranking So that is what it is simple

3, analyze whether his website structure is hundreds of years ago,

answer: This is a matter of personal Adsense or enterprise websites are common, unreasonable change.


2, his analysis included problems is reasonable?

answer: no snapshot, and not included, to find counterparts do friendship is not in the late time,

?Answer: Answer: This is

website optimization work

website optimization work medium

analysis of his server is stable?Answer: if the server is not

example: take the customer’s recent single, in fact, this single is March 16th list, because some factors drag N day, the genius. If you love Shanghai not included? In fact, Zhang Shengrong was also tangled, Google included an article, other search engines do not pull dead bird is also not included, also appeared a problem "visit this page, your browser to support JavaScript" Yu Menzhong thought of a good friend (wit wit at the various templates if you need art, can not find people like Zhang Shengrong Please add QQ80982470 to you to make some changes to the line), some views, Baidu slowly come back to the children, today write checked the website snapshot is the latest.

answer: if the website does not have content search engines what? The plane is copied less?.

, not just stuck in search engine.

is reasonable?

tonight mainly write about this time the enterprise to optimize the experience and some skills, very funny, as you take the enterprise to optimize the single, what are you to do? If you don’t know, Zhang Shengrong told you, please look at the following points may help to you. In short do optimization is tired, is the same as in real life. Do not say words, just do it.

1, the first analysis of his website snapshot died without

4, if the site friendship suck

, do not do, or is futile.

5, if not to the website ranking >

3, if the website keyword layout


in web crawling not, there is no snapshot, or is not retreated, what difference with the dead.


A: check out his website is repeated, you can see his title.

1, if the site external

enterprise will love some flash design program is very flash, the program is out of date.

2, if the website content is less

4, the analysis of his title, description, keywords

answer: the chain do not have a website to make less?.

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