Keep the city’s history and culture

More than thirty years of reform and opening up, the city of Xining is changing rapidly. However, in urban construction, how to continue the history, to keep some of the city’s image of the historical and cultural information, but it is worthy of our thinking.

City since its birth, no matter how to change, change, all cannot do without the same history and culture. This is a city unique from other cities, but also the basis for the development of urban civilization. From Rome in the west, Paris to the east of Beijing, Nara, is not difficult to find any a rich cultural heritage of the city, are out of the ordinary temperament. For the individual living in the city, the urban culture is an indispensable element of the city perception. A generation of childhood play in the alley scene, narrow alley dialect cries, this is a lot of people to the city an indelible mark.

inheriting the history and culture of the city, this should be the consciousness of each city manager. For the government, in the process of protecting buildings and cultural relics, we should also pay attention to the protection of the intangible cultural heritage such as dialect, temple fair and so on. At the same time, watch the history and culture, both the government’s unremitting efforts, but also inseparable from the public’s participation. Moreover, no matter what kind of cultural heritage, innovation must go through. Only continue to accumulate, innovation, advance with the times, history and culture will show its strong vitality.

as human life, is also a city renewal development irresistible law. When the new environment, new life comes, we should care for those who bear the memory of the city’s history and culture. It may take a long time, but this is the way to go.  

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